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Get relief with Aleve. Manage all your aches and pains with Aleve's line of product that relieve pain and provide comfort. Classic Aleve comes in caplets, tablets, liquid gel, or gel caps. Aleve's Arthritis Caps gives you easy traction to open the bottle with one easy twist. Aleve-D helps releive sinus pressure, congestion, cold, and headache. Aleve is a product of Bayer, a company that has existed since 1863. Bayer started as a dye company that eventually grew into chemists and researchers inventing and innovating products for consumers' everyday lives. From these innovations came the pharmaceutical focus of providing pain relief for their customers. Aleve provides all day relief for arthritis pain, back and body pain, sinus pressure, and headaches. Manage your pain and life with Aleve's pain relief.

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