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You know Axe when you smell it. It is for men. Boys and men lather up the sexy body gel, apply deodorant, mist and cologne for a seductive night out or an undertone for the office. Called “the Axe effect,” Axe products give men an advantage to lure women by scent. Axe not improves your scent, but also helps you sculpt your hair through shampoos, conditioners, pastes, styling cream, hold spray, styling gum and pomade. Axe helps you do sexy for less. Sold online and in-stores, get your manly products the right way, the cost effective way so you can save up for all the dates that result from “the Axe effect”. Promo codes and coupons are here!

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Saving tips!

Axe body products are very popular right now and you can find some super deals to pair coupons with to save more money. This brand can be pricey if you buy it on a regular basis so when you find a great deal, stock-up!

Axe Saving Tips and Tricks

Axe body products are a very popular item right now. Men love them and they have some great advertising that has helped to increase the popularity of their products. You can find great deals on this brand and possibly even get them for free, or at least really cheap, when you use these tips and tricks.

Grocery Coupon Network has coupons on a regular basis for this great brand and you can easily find them by using the Personal Care sort on the side of the coupons. That will narrow down the available coupons for personal products and you can find the Axe coupons, if any are available, more easily. Like many products, the best way to save on this brand is by pairing coupons with super deals and incentive offers. The best deals I see on this brand tend to come from drugstore deals that involve Register Rewards or Extra Care Bucks. If you can use coupons to save on your out of pocket costs, this will make your deal even better. Make sure you stay on top of incentive rewards that you have to use on your next order to they don’t expire. I like to do separate transactions at Walgreens to make sure I don’t miss out on Register Reward savings or forget to use them before they expire. This is also a great way to stretch your dollar.

Another great saving tip for this brand is to shop post-holiday clearance sales. Many times, box sets of body products can go as low as 70% off after the holiday is over and they are clearing out all the extra items in the store. You can pair these great deals with coupons that are available and pick up items like Axe or Dove Body sets for pennies on the dollar. I always check the box sets in the regular section after holidays just to see if there may be one at a great price that wasn’t in the clearance section. It’s a great way to find super deals that may not have been tagged.

Axe products are sometimes part of BOGO or B1G1 50% off type deals so make the most of those. Many store let you use two coupons in a BOGO scenario so make sure you know your store’s coupon policy to get the best deals using coupons. Also, compare promotions to make sure you are getting the best deal!

Axe Customer Service Information

Customer Service Hotline: 800-450-7580

They have an email contact form also.


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