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Clearly Natural has been helping women and men pamper and treat their skin since the 1970s. Clearly Natural’s line includes: soaps, lotions, hair care, and hot flash relief. Clearly Natural is known for their glycerin bar soaps, which have so many health benefits for you, the environment, and your neighbors. Their soaps come in 4 oz. of dermatologist recommended, hypo-allergenic soaps. They do not contain parabens, petroleum-based ingredients nor animal ingredients or by-products as a way to be environmentally-friendly. The product itself has a high glycerine content, which keeps your skin moisturized and your pores unclogged. Not only is the soap refreshing and good for you, but you can feel good about using Clearly Natural because with each purchase they support global hygiene efforts by distributing their products. Get great coupons and offers from Grocery Coupon Network!

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