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1851 brought over a century and a half of comfort and style with Fruit of the Loom products. The first mill produced cotton cloth and textiles and the company became one of the first and oldest brands in the world, trademarked in 1871. Now Fruit of the Loom is one of the largest global manufacturers of men's, women's, boys', and girls' underwear, active wear, casual wear, jeans, and classic white and colorful T shirts. Best known for their underwear, but Fruit of the Loom also offers fun, colorful clothes for casual and active wear. The brand itself is known worldwide for its quality, value, and style. Find your style and cut of underwear with boxers, briefs, bikinis, hipsters, boy shorts, high cuts, and more. Find Fruit of the Loom underwear in cotton, nylon, or microfiber. Fruit of the Loom has been a trusted brand for 160 years and still offers its customers fair and affordable pricing on all their products.

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