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Gatorade was first created at the University of Florida in 1965 to help their football team replenish the water they lose during practice. A team of scientist at the medical college put their heads together to formulate a solution that contained water, sodium, sugar, potassium, phosphate, and lemon juice. By 1967, Gatorade became the official sports drink for the NFL. From it's original lemon-lime flavor, Gatorade has introduced many more different flavors and versions. Now Gatorade focuses on Hydration, Energy, and Recovery. Gatorade Energy comes in a liquid and chewable form. Gatorade Recovery products come in protein shake, post-game recovery beverage, and whey protein bar. Gatorade Hydration comes in the classic form, the low calorie form, and the Thirst Quencher Powder. Stay hydrated for your next sporting or concert event with Gatorade.

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Saving tips!

Gatorade is a favorite drink for a lot of people and we don’t always see a ton of coupons on it but there are some great ways to save on this popular product. Check out all the best savings tips here and save more on this tasty electrolyte beverage.

Grab Gatorade at a Great Price

Gatorade is a product that you can but at a ton of places and has a large price variance so it pays to know where you can find your best deal and how much it costs. Gatorade also has quite a variety of products now so you can figure out which products you like best and stock-up when you find a great price. Beverage coupons are not as common as food coupons so when you see a great one, grab it and hold onto it for a super deal.

Lots of different stores have Gatorade so you can pick it up almost anywhere. We’ve seen a lot of different kinds of deals on the single-serve bottles so they have the most savings opportunities, compared to the larger bottles or the powdered drink. However, deals on the larger beverage size and the powder do come up so keep an eye out and let us know what you find.

The single serve bottles where we see the most deals are either super low sale prices, around $0.75 is the lowest I usually see, or a BOGO type deal where you buy 5 and get 1 free or something along those lines. The most common place for both of these type deals are drug stores or stores like Target or Meijer that offer these kinds of sales. Quite some time ago, I also remember a gift card deal from Target on Gatorade that was a super savings, making for about 50% off when you factored in the gift card.

Some stores may also offer a bulk purchase rate where you get a case discount when you buy a certain amount. If you can pair this type of a deal with a super sale or a gift card deal, you will be in business. Meijer sometimes has a 10 for $10 sale where you get one or two items free if you purchase all 10 items. Make sure to figure out if this is the best deal because these types of sales are a marketing strategy that stores use to get you to spend more but if it’s a deal that’s worth your while, pick it up!

Gatorade can also be a great deal when you buy in bulk from warehouse clubs. Especially if you can use a coupon on the purchase and save even more. Costco coupons are a great way to save on the products they sell. Check the sizes of the bottles because some stores might sell smaller bottles so factor this in when you compare promotions.

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