Haribo’s iconic gummy bears.

Haribo is an internationally famous candy company that is best known for bringing you the clear, green, red and orange gummy bears. Haribo was founded by Hans Riegel in 1920. At the time all he had was a bag of sugar and a kitchen to work in. A German candy company, Haribo makes Andes mints, Baby Ruth candy bars, Bazooka candy bars, Airheads, Musketeers, and Gummy Worms. Each gummy bear starts with a sketch and then is made into a prototype. The mould makes many plaster stamps. From there, they leave an impression on corn starch and are injected with a gummi mixture. The final touch is to be dried and given a coating so the bears don’t stick together. It’s always a little sweeter with Haribo, and it’s even sweeter with Grocery Coupon Network. Save big on candies and treats from Haribo with coupons and savings below!

HARIBO Coupons

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