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Ice Mountain water is a trusted brand of bottled 100% spring water brought to you by Nestle. Ice Mountain primarily services individuals and businesses in the Midwest. Many small businesses, retailers and corporations rely on Ice Mountain for monthly deliveries of bottled water and water jugs. The water is packaged in a variety of sizes including: 2.5 gallon dispensers, 100 gallon jusg, 10.5 liter bottles, 4 lieter bottles, 700 mL, 16.9 Fl. Oz., 20 fl. Oz., 11 fl. Oz, 9 fl. Oz. and 8 fl. Oz. Ice Mountain draws its water from wells in Michigan. Ice Mountain has a huge interest in protecting land and water, especially near the sourced springs. They pledge that they monitor the aquatic and plant life in the spring areas. Get great discounts on trusted spring water here!

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