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It all started in 1947 when Igloo was just a two man company creating metal water coolers to replace wooden water buckets for workers on construction sites, oil fields, and the docks. As the company grew and technology progressed, Igloo developed plastic liner coolers that took the world over. By 1963, Igloo moved from workers' sites to homes across the US. Now, 3 out of 4 households has an Igloo brand product in their home. Igloo is a name that you can trust that offers quality products that last long. Igloo now offers more than 500 different products and is sold in more than 250 retail stores around the world. Currently, Igloo is still the number manufacturer of coolers internationally. Igloo continues to innovate and develop new products and models of their coolers as time and technology progresses. Save money on the number 1 name in coolers with Igloo.

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