Larabar provide healthy snack bars that are easy to grab for your morning commute, afternoon snack, or that little treat after dinner. Larabar’s accommodate a variety of dietary needs. Note that Larabar is not 100 percent vegan for all of its products because it does include honey. Larabar products are vegetarian with the exception of the chocolate chip variety. The chocolate ships are made from soy products, but are made in the same facility as dairy products, which could compromise their vegetarian state, so Larabar does not label these varieties as vegan. Larabar products are soy-free except for the chocolate chip varieties, which may have come in contact with soy products. Larabar products are gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, and are all Kosher. Larabar bars are made from a maximum of nine ingredients. Flavors include: coconut cream pie, peanut butter cookie, cherry, carrot cake and more. Eat simply. Save simply here. Get your coupons today!


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