Lifesavers Candies and Gums

Lifesavers are hard candies and gummies. They come in bright, vibrant colors or are white in your favorite minty flavors. The classic fruit flavors include: cherry, pineapple, raspberry, watermelon, and orange flavors. You can spice things up with sour flavors, Hawaiian flavors, and more. Typically Lifesavers are 45 calories for four candies, but can vary depending on which variety you choose. You can buy them in a bag or in a stick. Lifesavers began as a peppermint candy in 1912. Enjoy them as a little treat to sneak into your purse or pocket. Lifesavers are brought to you by the same company that makes gums and other candies, Wrigley, a subsidiary of the Mars Incorporated candy brand. Save on Lifesavers candy here!

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