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Mario Badescu had a vision in 1967 to provide the best products for skincare at affordable prices that everyone can use, because everyone deserves good skin. Badescu was a Romanian-born chemist and cosmetologist, who used his skills to create remarkable products for skincare that famous people and everyday people can use. Badescu believed in a no-frills product; he didn't waste time and money developing fancy packaging but instead spent it on the product inside the container. This no-frills philosophy is what keeps costs of the products low and the products itself of high quality. Badescu's years and years of laboratory research brought about skincare products that are botanically-based and highly effective for controlling any kind of skin problems. Try out Mario-Badescu skincare products and feel the difference. Products include acne remedies, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, emulsions, serums, night creams, masks, exfoliants, sun products, and more. They even have merchandise for hair and hands. See the difference in your skin with Mario-Badescu Skincare products.

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