For your health and well being, Monistat is there to help you stay your freshest. Monistat is the number 1 name for over the counter yeast infection treatments, recommended by doctors. Monistat offers a host of products that helps with your specific needs. Monistat yeast infection treatment and cure comes in 7, 3, and 1 day treatments. 1 day treatments are made for women on the go, 3 day treatments are a lower concentrated formula, and the 7 day formula is less concentrated that administers the formula evenly for a full week. Monistat carries other products beyond yeast infection care, called Monistat Complete Care. Use the Vaginal Health Test to test before you treat. The Probiotics plus Antioxidants product is a daily oral capsule that helps maintain vaginal and urinary tract health. Instant Itch Relief Cream helps stop the itching and heals the skin. Find many other Monistat products and save on your health.


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