Rachel Ray’s line of dog food, Nutrish.

Nutrish is Rachel Ray’s line of dog food. Rachel Ray is a top chef and a beloved American TV personality. Rachel Ray has two type of jerky treats for dogs. Real chicken and bananas provide your dog with farm-raised chicken for a savory, healthy, and sustainable dog treat. The other variety is Real chicken and veggies, which is also made with farm-raised chicken. For meal variety, Rachel Ray also has Savory Bites which includes Real Beef and Barley Flavor, and Real Chicken and Veggies Flavor. Her Savory Bites exclude gluten, wheat and corn and have no beef by-products. Beef by-products are parts of an animal that are not intended for human consumption. Some animal by-products that are deemed not edible for humans may be used for pet foods. By not using animal by-products, the dog food is a higher grade of dog food.

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