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The Pillsbury doughboy has become a good friend and a source for smiles in many families. Pillsbury is a brand of cookie dough, ready to make cookies that are either in a cylinder packaging for you to create your own sized cookie, or pre-cut cookies for extra large cookies or standard size. The hardest part is waiting for them to bake. They also have delisious, doughy morning treats like easy to bake croissants and cinnamon rolls. Pillsbury is brought to you by the family-friendly parent company, General Mills. You can find tons of recipes and ideas on Pillsbury’s website. Their products will be at your local grocery store. Get printable coupons and great deals here!

Pillsbury Coupons

Saving tips!

Pillsbury is a brand that is loved by many and there are a lot of ways to save. You can find coupons in a lot of different locations and when you pair these with a great deal, you can pick up these tasty items at a sweet price.

Ways to Save on Pillsbury Products

Pillsbury is a popular brand and there are a ton of savings opportunities and great ways to find coupons for your favorites. Many Pillsbury items are located in the refrigerator section but last for a good amount of time. Keep your eyes peeled for the best deal and pair it with a coupon to save. When you know the best prices of the products you buy regularly, you’ll know when you spot a super deal. I suggest carrying around a small notebook (or using a smartphone note app) to track prices of your favorite items that you buy on a regular basis to find out what the best prices of your regular purchases are.

Pillsbury coupons appear pretty regularly in the Sunday Inserts and vary for what products and amounts they are for. Clip the coupons that you use or that are high-value coupons on products you’d like to try. They come out pretty regularly but can really vary. Pillsbury coupons can also be found in store coupon booklets (like Publix) and these can be used in conjunction to save more with manufacturer’s coupons. If your store also offers double coupons, you’ll be able to save even more. Check out the fine print on your coupons to see if you can use the coupon on any size of products. Pillsbury makes some smaller sizes that are under $1 so you might be able to get those for free with double coupons.

You can also save on great deals at stores, including clearance prices at some store. For awhile, I found some great deals on Pillsbury products at Safeway in the refrigerator section. Cakes and frosting may be on the clearance shelves too, especially after holidays. You can find some great baking kits or themed cakes and decorating from Pillsbury for super cheap after major holidays. Be on the lookout for store coupons, like Target printable coupons or mobile coupons to pair with MQs and save. Sometimes these Pillsbury products are part of a $10 for $10 deal or other types of marketing strategies that stores use to sell more products. You may not be required to buy the total amount so make sure you know your store’s policy on this.

Some of the rebate apps offer great deals on Pillsbury as well. iBotta has some nice Pillsbury offers on occasion and you can really save when you pair this type of offer with a super deal and stack. You may also find some insert coupons inside Pillsbury package- these are great because they may be a higher-value or for products that you don’t usually find coupons for. Make sure to look for these to save more! You may find some Pillsbury products at dollar stores- I’ve seen some of the cake mixes and frosting at the Dollar Store.

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PHONE: 612-330-4966

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