Safeway JustforU Program

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I love the Safeway JustforU program and it has saved me a ton of easy money!  JustforU is an incentive program that links to your loyalty card. You can do everything online and then all you need at the store is your Fresh Values card and everything rings up easily (most times) and I often don’t even need any additional coupons because they have many manufacturer’s coupons online.

Here are the details of the program:

There are three major components to the program- Deal Match, Coupons and Personalized Prices.

  • Deal Match- when you use this section, other ads from your local stores will be online and you can select the items from those ads to match the prices of at Safeway. This is the easiest price matching I have ever done. You don’t need to take your ad to the service desk or anything like that…just a quick click online and you’re set! This is only available in certain areas so check your page to see if it is where you shop.
  • Coupons- this section is manufacturer’s coupons, not store coupons.  This is great because it’s many of the coupons that are available online or in the inserts but you don’t have to clip them. This is also beneficial because you gain an extra coupon if you need more than one. You can use the one that’s on your card and as many additional paper coupons as you want.
  • Personalized Prices- these are prices just for you based on your previous shopping habits and incentives to buy new items. These can be really fantastic deals and may be as low as FREE.  You can use coupons with these prices just like any other sale price but they are usually better than regular sale prices.  I often have really low cereal prices, around $1.88 for great brands like Cheerios or Kellogg’s cereals are common. These make for great coupon match-ups.
The website is super easy to use and I love the organization of it all.  It even prints or emails a shopping list to you of whatever you add to your card.  It really makes for ease of use with cost savings and coupons. It’s also a great way to get organic coupons, which aren’t quite as easy to come by. They often have organic products or incentives that can apply to organic items. An example of this is when I went shopping today, I had a $3 off wyb $10 worth of produce incentive under personalized prices. I used this on organic produce that was on sale and got a fantastic deal on some blueberries.  There are also times that there is a really low personalized price AND a coupon that you can add to your card and they both are applied at check-out.
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