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Tabasco brand hot sauce was made by tough people for tough people. Edmund McIlhenny grew hot peppers down in Louisiana and experimented with different combinations of flavors to eventually create what is known as Tabasco sauce. Tabasco sauce is made with peppers from Avery Island in Louisiana, picked at its ripest and reddest. Once harvested, the peppers are then crushed into a mash, added Avery Island salt, and kept the mash in wooden barrels for 30 days. After a month, the mash is strained of any skin, mixed with a generous mix of French white white vinegar, and then aged again for another 30 days. This creates the delicious and potent flavors of Tabasco's hot sauce, creating any bland meal into a culinary delight. Use these coupons for your next Tabasco purchase and find great saving!

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