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Tire Rack opened in 1979 in Indiananpolis, Indiana. In 1996 Tire Rack Introduced the industry’s most up-to-date website to the world with www.tirerack.com. Tire Rack focus' on providing only quality tires from the most reputable manufacturers. The Tire Rack team consists of expert enthusiasts trained to provide friendly, accurate fitment and performance advice. Team members spend approximately 80 hours a year in the classroom or behind the steering wheels of test vehicles and in "real world" driving sessions. These experiences give them the knowledge to help you choose the correct products for your vehicle, driving style and conditions. When you purchase a Tire & Wheel Package, your shipment arrives at your home already mounted and balanced, complete with installation instructions and hardware, allowing you the option to install the package yourself.

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Tire Rack offers discounted tires and installation recommendations, while providing great quality and a knowledgeable staff. They also distribute other car parts and repair needs at a great price. Read on for our best tips to save with this brand.

Save Money on Car Repairs

Tire Rack is an online dealer of tires, car parts and car advice. You can find a ton of information and great deals on this website and you can save even more with our great saving tips. This company has been around for over 30 years, so although it may seem a little odd to order tires online, they used to do mail order tires! Tire Rack does a ton of research on the best tires, what cars need and they recommend the best parts for car repairs. You then purchase your tires online, with a credit card, and tires are usually delivered in 1-2 business days. You can then use a recommended installer to do your tires at a set price that is agreed to with Tire Rack ahead of time.

I really like this site because you do not need to know anything about cars to get new tires. All you need to know is what car you have and then fill in the blanks. The experts will recommend the best fit for you and you can go from there. Since I am not an expert in everything (although I sometimes think I am), I appreciate this!

Tire Rack offers rebates when you buy particular brands- like a $60 Visa Gift Card when you buy four tires of a specific brand. You can find promotional codes to save at Tire Rack on our page, so always check there before you shop on the website. We have a wide selection of savings for this store, so take advantage of these offers. Since Tire Rack offers super low, discounted prices, you can really get a steal with a coupon code or a gift card offer.

When you are buying tires, it’s always worthwhile to compare prices and promotions. Make sure you are comparing the exact same tires, brands, sizes, etc. so that you know you are getting the best price. Check for promo codes or rebates and factor those in as well. Factor in shipping costs, installation costs and any additional parts or needs to find out the real cost of the deal you are getting.

Tire Rack Customer Service Contact Information

You can reach Tire Rack several ways for customer service. They offer a toll-free phone number and email contact to help with any issues! Here is the contact info:

Phone- 800-461-5527

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