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Travelocity was created in 1996 as a subsidiary of Sabre Holdings, which was a subsidiary of American Airlines. Travelocity was the first website that allowed consumers to access Sabre's fare and schedule information, as well as, reserve, book, and purchase tickets without the help of a travel agent or broker. The site allows you to not only book airfare but also hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises and packaged vacations. Travelocity is now the sixth-largest travel agency in the United States and the second-largest online travel agency. Travelocity believes that by traveling and getting out of our comfort zones, we can all enjoy positive, transformational experiences that make us better human beings. Their purpose is to get you on your way and then to roam the world beside you.

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Tips & Tricks

Travelocity is a great travel agent website that can save you a ton of money! Check out all of these ideas on how to utilize the Travelocity website to take your dream vacation at a discount price.

Save More Money at Travelocity

Like many online discounts sites, you can sometimes find promotional or coupon codes to pair with great deals to save even more. Make sure to always check our store page to see what codes might be available. We keep them current so we’ll have any available deals right there! Promotional codes and coupons codes are an easy way to save ANY time you shop. I always check our store page for a discount on the store or website I plan to make a purchase with before I shop. If there aren’t any codes available and I can wait, I usually keep an eye out until something pops up and then make my purchase. That doesn’t always fit the bill but flexibility like that can definitely help you save more money! The codes available from Travelocity vary and can be anything from a percentage off a vacation package to a promotion on a car rental.

Vacation Packages are a great way to save and can really save you a lot more. Especially if you can pair them up with another deal or promotional code to save even more. You can click as many travel needs as you would like to include in your cost when you input your reservation information online.

Watch for travel sales on specific locations and if it is somewhere you are looking to go, book it! Be flexible to save more. You can find some really amazing deals and you can save by making a vacation package or taking advantage of the sales they offer. These are often seats on underutilized flights or hotels with a larger number of vacancies because they aren’t going to or located in the hot spot of the money. Think along the lines of New York City in winter- it’s still a fun place but doesn’t have nearly the desirability that it might have in other seasons.

Travelocity offers a reward credit card that will give you some great incentives based on reward points you earn with spending and booking through the website. This is a real credit card that has it’s pros and cons so weight it out before you decide if it is worthwhile for you. You can apply for it online and you will earn rewards that come in the form of a credit applied directly to your card! They have a great sign-up bonus where you earn a large amount of bonus points after your first purchase and when you reach a certain spending level. The sign-up bonus is usually in the ballpark of a $100 statement credit when you convert the points.

Customer Service Contact Information

You can contact Travelocity anytime via 855-201-7800. They are available 24/7 to assist with your travel needs and are very helpful. Things will move a little faster if you have your itinerary number so keep this handy or look it up before you call. They also have an option to contact customer service via email if that’s your preference.

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