USA Today was founded by Al Neuharth on September 15, 1982. Today it is distributed in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and the United Kingdom. USA Today is known for its easy to read and comprehend stories. Each paper consists of four sections: News, Money, Sports, and Life. Each section is denoted by a certain color to differentiate sections with News being blue, Money with green, red for Sports, and purple for Life. On Fridays, two Life sections are included in the paper, the regular Life for entertainment which features television, a DVD column, film reviews and trends, and a travel supplement called Destinations & Diversions, The paper does not print on Saturdays and Sundays.



Great saving tips!

USA Today is a well-respected publication with so much information, tips and ideas to help you save time and money. It’s the national paper and has a wide range of topics, delivered right to your doorstep. Check out our great tips to save on a subscription to this favorite newspaper.

Save on USA Today

USA Today is a hefty paper, chock full of news, sports, money advice and more! Some people think that newspapers are a thing of the past but many people still enjoy the tradition of reading the paper on a Sunday morning with a hot cup of coffee. The price for this enjoyable morning is relatively minimal, when compared to other forms of entertainment!

Unfortunately for all of us couponers, USA Today does not have the Sunday Inserts. However, they do offer some really great money advice and saving tips in their financial section. I am always up for new tips on where to save, what’s popular, information on new deal sites and more. You can find all of this information in the Money section of the paper.

If you are interested in a subscription to USA Today, they are always offering deals that can help you get a good price! I also think subscriptions to magazines and newspapers make great gifts. It really is the gift that keeps on giving! Watch for deals and pick up a subscription for yourself, a spouse or a parent or friend you exchange gifts with. There are several offers for subscriptions so make sure to compare the prices to find out the best deal for you. The offer a monthly offer, or a better deal if you get a longer subscription. I really like that they offer short-term and long-term deals. You can get one month, three months or a whole year and they always have different promotions. If you are considering investing in a longer subscription, watch the deals they offer for a couple of months and find out what the “buy it now” price for a longer subscription might be. Then you can snag that deal when it becomes available again!

Subscriptions are always a way to save on an item that you purchase regularly. The face value of the paper really adds up if you buy it on a regular basis. If you notice that you are buying this paper daily or even one or two a week, it might be worth it to pick up a subscription at a great price! Don’t forget that you can always read the news for FREE on the website!

USA Today Customer Service Contact Information

USA has a very helpful FAQs website so that has a lot of information that can help you resolve your issues.

If you need to contact customer service, use the toll-free number- 800-872-0001.


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