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Save big with Whole Foods coupons, booklets and sales ads. Combine printable manufacturer coupons with Whole Foods' weekly ad and save big. Eating healthy doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Find sales on organic fruits, vegetables and other food. Also get great deals on eco-friendly and cruelty-free home and beauty products.

Whole Foods Coupons

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Whole Foods Weekly Ad Coupon Match Up (2/18 – 2/25)

Check out our Whole Foods home page to learn how to save more at Whole Foods every week! Just click on the ‘Store Tips’ tab.

Featured Deals:

13.5 oz Cascadian Farm Cereal, Fruit & Nut Granola

On Sale Now: 2 for $6.00 Ends Tuesday

6 oz Late July Classic Saltine

On Sale Now: 2 for $6.00 Ends Tuesday

1 lb Salmon, Portion

On Sale Now: Save $4 Lb. Ends Tuesday

1 lb Shrimp, Raw

On Sale Now: 9.99 Ends Tuesday

6 oz Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna, Troll Caught, Minimal Mer…

On Sale Now: 2 for $6.00 Ends Tuesday

1 pt Blueberries, Organic

On Sale Now: 2 for $7.00 Ends Tuesday

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Whole Foods Store Policies

Whole Foods Global Coupon Policy

Whole Foods has a coupon policy online that applies to all stores!  If you shop at Whole Foods regularly, this is a great print out to carry with you if you have issues with any cashiers. I always find that managers at the store are very helpful and my favorite store policy- if an item rings up at the wrong price, you get it for FREE! So make sure to check your receipt before you leave the store.

Whole Foods Market Global Coupon Policy

  • A store coupon and a manufacturer coupon can be combined on one item.
  • When the value of the coupon exceeds the value of the product no cash back is given.
  • Coupons are never doubled or tripled.
  • All types of coupons are accepted with the exception of those that are obviously photocopied.
  • Competitor coupons are not accepted with the exception of Michigan stores in Midwest.
  • Case discounts can be combined with coupons.
  • Multiple Whole Deal coupons for the same item in one transaction can be used as long as there is an individual coupon for each item purchased.
  • If there is a BOGO FREE promo, one coupon can be used for the full price item.
  • All regions will allow Whole Deal coupons to be combined with manufacturer’s coupons.
  • Team Member discounts may be used in conjunction with all Whole Deal coupons.
  • Regions will override printed guidelines when necessary for customer/guest satisfaction.

organic deals

Save on organic and natural food

Whole Foods is a chain store with organic and natural food items, headquartered in Austin, Texas. They carry natural and organic products and they have a ton of ways to save! All stores are working towards becoming completely Non-GMO in the next few years and will be the first store to do it! Find all the best tips here.

Whole Foods, Not Whole Paycheck!

Weekly Sales: Whole Foods has a weekly ad that you can find each week on Grocery Coupon Network. They have great savings, sometimes 50% off! They offer sales on everything from produce to frozen food and all of the sales can be combined with a store coupon and a MQ to save even more. It’s always good to know the best price of the items you buy so you can tell when it’s a great deal.

Stacking Coupons: Whole Foods allows shoppers to use one store coupon (printed or from the Whole Deal Booklet) and one MQ per item purchased. You will need one store coupon for each item you are buying. This sometimes means tearing out 12 coupons from books throughout the store but that’s the rule! They will keep the torn up books at the front of the store for other coupons so it’s not wasteful.

Case Discounts: Whole Foods offers case discounts on most items throughout the store. There is a number located on the shelf pricing tag that has a small number in the upper right corner and that is how many you would have to buy to get a 10% discount on the item. This can make for great deals when you stack coupons and use a case discount. Some items give a case discount with only two items being purchase, like La Croix 12 packs of sparkling water. Some are as many as 12. If you use a lot of the item you are purchasing, this can mean big savings! Case discounts are an additional savings off sale prices.

One Day/Three Day Sales: Whole Foods regularly offers a one day or three day sale on everything from meat to produce to vitamins. Follow your local store on social media so you know what they are offering. Stores can vary regionally so make sure to sign up for your particular store to know all the deals they have going on.

Whole Deal Coupon Booklets: These booklets can be found in the store and are FREE! You can tear out coupons and keep the book for later use or give it to customer service to recycle for other customers. These are the same coupons that you can print online but you save on ink and you have an unlimited amount available! The books are hanging everywhere in the store and are at all the cash registers and customer service desks. They contain all store coupons and can be stacked with MQs to save more.

iBotta or BerryCart: You can now use iBotta and BerryCart at Whole Foods and they even have their own special deals that they offer. They have some great offers on organic and natural foods, sometimes making for free products after you stack your savings.

Whole Foods Contact Info

Since Whole Foods shopping takes place in stores and not online, mostl issues should be resolved at the store level. You can ask for a manager or shift leader in any store when you have a problem. I find Whole Foods staff leaders to be very helpful in solving any issue. You can also find contact information for your store on the Whole Foods Customer Service Page if needed.

One tip about Whole Foods pricing- if you purchase an item that is priced incorrectly, take it to customer service and you will be refunded the cost and given the item for free. Always check your receipt!

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