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Written by Vanessa Wit


Applying for Food Stamps in the State of Alabama

Struggling to put food on the table? Need help supplying the food so that you can prepare healthy meals for your family? We all need help from time to time. All of us. If you need help, then you should definitely apply for food assistance. The State of Alabama has a program in place, it is actually a federally funded program that is administered by state, to assist you in providing nutritional meals for your family.

The food stamp program is available for all Alabama residents; those in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, More and so many other cities. It doesn't matter where you live in the state, urban or rural, you can be eligible for food assistance benefits.

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Food Stamp Program- Alabama

Now called SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program- the food stamp program is a federally funded program meant to aide lower income families. There are times when families struggle, making it hard to bring food to the table and nutritional food at that. SNAP gives these families assistance to buy food that his healthy to eat.

No one should go hungry.

In order to be eligible for monthly funds you need to meet basic income and household standards. We will try to explain these below.

What is Not Part of the Food Stamp Approved Purchases?

The purpose of the program is to provide families with the opportunity to buy nutritious foods. Every family deserves to be able to purchase healthy options- meats, greens, grains, fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for some great coupons on meats, veggies, fruits, salad items, beans, rice and so much more, go to Grocery Coupon Network to find the latest coupons and deals at stores in your local Alabama store.

SNAP however does not cover other items that are non food related or not considered healthy. This includes toiletries, alcohol, cigarettes, magazines, cosmetics and more. Once accepted, the SNAP brochure will list out the full list of non-approved items.


Am I Eligible?

Well there are a few items you need to check off first to determine whether or not you are eligible. Are you a resident of Alabama, a US citizen, have a social security number?

Do You Meet the Income Standards?

Annual Household income:

  • One person- less than $14,532
  • Two people- less than $19,680
  • Three people- less than $24,828
  • Four people- less than $29,976
  • Five people- less than $35,124
  • Six people- less than $40,272
  • Seven people- $45,420
  • Eight people- $50,568
  • Over eight- add $5,158 for each additional person in the home.

If you are within these standards then you should apply for SNAP.

So How Do I Apply for Benefits

You must apply within the county you live or online. Once filled out you can mail, fax or hand in the application to your local County Department of Human Resources.

Apply Online at the Alabama government site.

Whether applying online or handing in the form, try to fill out as much information as possible. If you are unsure about some of the questions, you can talk to your case manager later during the interview process.


Funds are allotted on a monthly basis via a debit card. Be sure to budget your funds adequately, as once the money runs out you will not get more until the start of the next month.

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Need to Contact a Representative about the SNAP Program

50 North Ripley Street
Montgomery, AL 36130

Food Assistance Division- (334) 242-1700


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