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Written by Vanessa Wit


How to Apply for SNAP Food Stamps in Connecticut

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program was put together to help lower income families provide their household with nutritional foods. All SNAP applications are processed through the Connecticut Department of Social Services.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application process or benefit allocation once you have been accepted you can contact your appropriate Connecticut county offices:

Hartford/Tolland County: (860) 560-2100
Fairfield/Litchfield County: (860) 519-4776
Windham/New London County: (860) 449-2053
New Haven/Middlesex County: (860) 519-4771

What are the Income Standards to Qualify for SNAP

The main aspect of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is to help low-income families. So what exactly constitutes low-income in the state of Connecticut?

You must meet certain gross income limits. These limits were last set in October of 2013. Here are the standards according to household size:

Number of people in the household- 1
Monthly income- $1,773

Number of people in the household- 2
Monthly income- $2,393

Number of people in the household- 3
Monthly income- $3,012

Number of people in the household- 4
Monthly income- $3,632

Number of people in the household- 5
Monthly income- $4,252

Number of people in the household- 6
Monthly income- $4,872

Number of people in the household- 7
Monthly income- $5,491

Number of people in the household- 8
Monthly income- $6,111

Each additional person within the household, you will need to add $620 to the total gross monthly income earned within the household.


Documents Needed in order to Apply for SNAP

Here is a list of some of the documentation you will need when applying and going through the interview process:

- You will need to bring proof of your identity (they need to make sure you are the person you are claiming to be). Bring your photo id, driver's license, and/or proof of citizenship. A passport will also work.
- Bring or show proof of your residency- mortgage statement or rental agreement, utility bills, property tax or insurance paperwork. If in a shelter, bring some kind of proof- shelter costs etc.
- Show proof of any kind of income- bring in at least 4 paystubs if you have them.
- If you have a budget, bring in your plan.
- If over 60 years old or if disabled- bring in monthly expenses, copays and prescription costs. Also any medicare premiums you must pay.

Where to Apply For SNAP

There are multiple ways to apply for food stamp benefits. One of the easiest ways is to fill out the form online. You can do so here. Fill out the form to the best of your ability. After the department has received your application, they will call or mail a letter to set up an interview appointment. At this appointment, your rep can help you to fill in an holes.

You can also call to find out more details about applying and also to find a local office to get a physical copy of the application:


Get the Help You Need

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Helping those in need is exactly what this program was created for. If you are paying taxes, you are helping to fund this program- so if you are eligible, it is your right to receive SNAP benefits.

Apply as soon as possible to start to get funds to help you lead a healthier life. Eating good, full meals has proven to lead to happier existences and also help children perform better in school. SNAP helps all Connecticut families, no matter where in the state you live: New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Bridgeport and all other cities.

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