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Written by Sonya Kamell


What is Delaware's SNAP or Food Supplement Assistance program?

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (or SNAP), also known as the Food Supplement Program, is Delaware's cooperating effort with the U.S. federal government that makes sure households operating on a low income can purchase a wide variety of healthy groceries to eat well at home within a budget. Anyone may apply, and when accepted to the program, benefits are added monthly to your Delaware Food First card, an EBT card (which stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer). Then you find a related store, add in some coupons (for smart shopping) and voila!, your food budget now declares you super-provider.

Am I a Good Candidate for SNAP Assistance?

Delaware allows anyone who is a Delaware resident, U.S. Citizen and/or legal alien to apply. The determining factors on the amount of assistance granted are the type of people in the household (who resides in the same living situation and shares food), their relationship to each other, and any income.

If you are 22 or under and live with your parents, apply as one household under your parents. If you already are getting benefits with TANF, GA or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the income test does not apply - you are already eligible to receive Food benefits.

The general guidelines indicate that countable assets such as cash on hand and/or checking should be less than $3000 for a home with an elderly or disabled resident and below $2000 for other households. The gross monthly income should be at or below 130% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

The application process will also account for reasonable deductions (utilities, childcare, etc.), and then if a household's monthly net income is 100% or less of FPL guidelines, the amount of benefits will be assigned.

Self-Screening Test

You can take a self-eligibility test through the ASSIST screening tool. It is very easy to understand and fill out, and the feedback is immediate. The results will show what programs you may be eligible for, from Delaware's Food Supplement Program, Cash Assistance, Long Term Care, Health Care Coverage, and to Child Care Assistance.

What Can I Receive From the Delaware Food Supplement Program?

The state maximum of food stamp benefits given are based on 130% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). The limits are set at:

  • $189 for a household of 1
  • $347 for a household of 2
  • $497 for a household of 3
  • $632 for a household of 4
  • $750 for a household of 5
  • $900 for a household of 6
  • $995 for a household of 7
  • $1,137 for a household of 8
  • Add on $142 for every member of the household over 8

These benefits can be used to purchase people food items, such as dairy products, meats, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruits, and even seeds and plants that produce food. One cannot buy alcohol, tobacco, non-food items (such as paper products and pet food), vitamins and medicines, and foods to be eaten in the store.


Apply Now for the Delaware Food Supplement Program

To apply for Delaware benefits online, create an account, then sign in and fill out the application.

You may also print a PDF version of the application or get a copy from the Department of Human Services (DHS) office in your county. Then take the printed copy to the DHS office in person, mail or fax it in.

Additional Delaware Food Assistance Resources

Delaware has a policy that no one needs to fall through the cracks; everyone has the right to proper nutrition. Find out more about additional resources here.

Get More for Your Money with Coupons!!

Combine your food stamps with single, double, and even triple coupon opportunities at participating Delaware grocery stores.

Many stores will also match competitor's coupons, so make sure to check Grocery Coupon Network for coupons of your favorite food items.

If you have a favorite store, and want to save time locating great deals, look through the store circulars in advance for weekly specials.

Looking for Recipe Ideas?

Check out the SNAP program's Recipe Finder for more inexpensive, tasty and healthy meal ideas!

Be Healthy and Love life in Delaware

Delaware has made sure that all its residents can have access to great nutrition and fresh groceries. Stretch your dollar and reduce your food budget with coupons and the Delaware Food Supplement (SNAP) program. Here's to your health!!


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