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Written by Vanessa Wit


How to Apply for Food Stamps in the State of Indiana

When finances are tight, it is important to shop smart. Shopping smart means using coupons, finding great deals, shopping during promotions and sales. By being a smart shopper you will have more money to help with bigger finances, such as rent, mortgage, utilities, car payments, school loans, and so much more.

If your finances are so tight that you are unable to successfully prepare a hearty meal for yourself or your family, then it may be time to consider applying for food stamps.

The state of Indiana has a food assistance program that helps those individuals and families that need a little extra. There is no shame at all in asking for help- this is our right as US citizens. The taxes we pay yearly help fund these programs, so the truth is you are paying for it, so if you need it at all- apply. Do not wait- see if you are eligible now.

Keep reading for a brief guide to help explain a few of the aspects of the program and how you can apply.

What is SNAP

SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This is a federally aided program meant to help low-income families in making food purchases. Benefits are distributed by state, so it is important to view your specific states standards and regulations. Residents in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Evansville- be sure to locate your local food stamp assistance office to receive a hard copy of the application. You can also apply online- linked listed below.


What are the Steps?

Here is a list of a few steps you will go through during the application process. If you are struggling to put food on the table- get the assistance you and your family deserves.

Gather Necessary Paperwork

You will first need to gather all of the necessary information for all those that are living in the applying household. This includes:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Driver's license
  • Income verification papers- pay stubs
  • Records and/or receipts of monthly expenses
  • Records of assets

* You are able to start the application process without this information, but it is a good idea to start compiling it.

Apply for Foods Stamps in Indiana

There are multiple ways to apply.:

  1. You can download the form online on the Indiana state website- here.
  2. Go to your local county Family and Social Services Administration office where you can pick up a hard copy of the application, mail, fax or personally hand in the application.

You can also check your status in the SNAP program on the Indiana site.

Interview Process

After the application has been sent and processed, you will be sent a letter for an interview appointment. Be sure to call your local office to check on appointment date a week or so after your application is sent. You do not want to miss your interview, this will only delay your benefits. If needed, phone interviews are a possibility.

Once Approved for Food Stamps

Once you have been approved for the food assistance program, you will be notified via your state administration office within 30 days. There are some that qualify for emergency food benefits funds and can get assistance much sooner- talk to your representatives if you feel as if you may qualify for emergency funds. You will be supplied with a debit card to use at approved stores and on approved items.

Every month the card will be filled, so be sure to budget this money. Once the month's money is gone, that's all you get until the next months reimbursement. You can use coupons and shop during sales to help stretch these food assistance funds. Use Grocery Coupon Network to find local Indiana deals. You can search by your stores and by the products you regularly buy.

Other Ways to Cut Grocery Bills

After reading about the food stamp process, we wanted to fill you in on a few other ways to save at the check-out line. Shopping during promos, finding one-day sales, using coupons the smart way, can cut spending tremendously.

You have a whole community and a wealth of resources at your fingertips at Grocery Coupon Network. Search for your specific stores to see the latest sales and promotions, look through categories for great coupons that you should be printing today. We even give you tips on how to save more by stacking, doubling and using rebates.

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