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Written by Vanessa Wit


How to Apply for Food Stamps in the State of Maryland

There are times when you may need help. Help with bills, help with groceries, help to get back on your feet. This is normal and there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help every once and a while. There is a food assistance program available in the state of Maryland for those that need it.

Available for consumers in all Maryland cities- Annapolis, Rockville, Baltimore, Ocean City and all other neighborhoods in the northern state. If you meet the requirements, then you can get benefit funds to help bring nutritious meals to the table as soon as possible.

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About the Maryland Food Stamp Program

In Maryland the food assistance program is called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Unlike the old days of actually food stamps or vouchers, now the funds are allotted through debit cards. This makes it easier to receive and gives those using the program feel a little more comfortable at the check out line.

This food stamp program was put in place to help low income individuals and family that need a slight financial boost so that they can put full, nutritional food on the table. With the economy struggling, it is harder and harder for working class people to supply enough income to feed their families. This is where SNAP comes in to help those in need.


Find out if you are Eligible for Maryland Food Assistance Benefits

There are a few elements you need to prove:

Valid identification and citizenship- Have social security numbers and proof of citizenship on all members of the household.
Meet standard income levels- Hold onto pay stubs.
Proof of expenses- Child care, utilities, child support, medical expenses

How Do I Apply for Food Assistance Now?

There are a few ways to apply:

You can file out a form on an online tool here. You may need to mail in a few requirements at a later date, or hand them in to your case manager.

Download form on the Minnesota government site. Hand it in to your local office, mail or fax.

How Soon Will I be Notified?

After your application is received, an interview will be set up. Once deemed eligible, usually takes around 7 days), the process start to determine the amount of funds you will be receiving on a monthly basis. You should start receiving benefits within 30 days.


What Can We Buy and What Can We Not?

The SNAP funds are meant to help families purchase and prepare healthy, nutritional foods. Every family deserves to eat right. This means that the benefits are not meant to be use on such products as:

-none food items
-already prepared foods
-pet foods
-alcoholic beverages
-grooming products
-medicines and vitamins

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