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Written by Vanessa Wit


Applying for Food Stamps in Massachusetts

Boston, Cambridge, Salem residents in need of food assistance? Springfield, Worchester, Plymouth low income families looking for help to bring food to the table? Food Stamp programs in Massachusetts is your solution. Do not hesitate to apply if you feel like your family is struggling to buy and prepare healthy meals. Having a full balanced meal is your right as a US citizen.

What Exactly are Food Stamps?

Food stamps are a governmental assistance program to help families in the state of Massachusetts. The benefits received are given to low-income families for the purpose of buying food. The money saved by receiving these funds can be used to pay off other bills.

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What it takes to be Eligible for Food Assistance in Massachusetts

  • You must buy and prepare meals at home. There are a few exceptions:
    • Senior citizens living in assisted communities.
    • If you are living in subsidized housing, drug treatment programs, shelter or group home.
    • Senior citizen living at home but unable to prepare meals, therefore needing home delivered meals.

  • Live in the State of Massachusetts.

  • Meet financial requirements- this is described in more detail below.

  • Members of the household must:
    • meet work requirements
    • have social security numbers
    • be US citizens or eligible noncitizens

Massachusetts SNAP Income Limits

The income standards is a major factor in determining who is eligible to receive food assistance benefits. Are you a low-income individual or family in need of aid? Assets and expenses are taken into account- so the below numbers are not finite. Even if you do not fully meet the requirements below, it is still a good idea to apply. Here are the income standards in the state of Massachusetts:

Looking at gross monthly income, income cannot exceed-

  • Household containing 1 person- $1,211
  • Household containing 2 people- $1,640
  • Household containing 3 people- $2,069
  • Household containing 4 people- $2,498
  • Check Massachusetts' resources to view income standards for families over 4 people.


How Exactly Do I Apply for Food Stamps?

There are a few why to start the application process in the state of Massachusetts. Here is a brief guide to help you help you move forward in getting the assistance you need now- don't wait any longer.

  1. Apply online.
  2. Apply in person- you can visit your local food stamp assistance office (Food Stamp Hotline 800-645-8333) or DTA office (get help locating your local DTA office by calling 800-249-2007.)
  3. Having application mailed directly to you. You can then send it in or fax. Call the Food Stamp Benefit Hotline to have an application sent 800-950-3663.

After your application is received, it can take up to 30 days for everything to be processed and benefits handed out. You will receive benefits on a debit-like card that can be used at applicable grocery stores on allowed purchases.

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