Top 50 Frugal Bloggers of 2014

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While the economy is slowly recovering from the economic downturn, it’s sometimes wise to err a bit on the frugal side — which is not to be confused with being a cheapskate. After the rent or mortgage payment, food costs are one of the largest expenses in a household’s budget each month. Fortunately, there are coupons and deals online for all kinds of shopping, not just groceries (which we specialize in over here at 

This year we picked the top 50 of the best of these sites, selecting those that inform readers about deals and freebies as well as offer tips on saving money. These frugal and coupon bloggers have great tips on how to stretch your dollars. Be sure to check them out!

50. Our Freaking Budget  Joanna and Johnny detail the trials and tribulations of a young family with student debt, a new baby and a strict budget. They also give advice on the real costs of raising a child, how to save money on gift shopping and home care, and long term planning and saving.

49. Poor Girl Eats Well This blog’s focus is on food and nutrition, and is packed with helpful advice and delicious recipes. It includes features on how to fill a grocery cart for $25 or under, and how to throw a party without busting your budget.

48. $5 Dinners: $5 Dinners is unique among frugal and couponing blogs in that it is entirely dedicated to inexpensive family dinners for, as the name suggests, $5 or less. The majority of blog posts offer primarily coupons, store deals or recipes.

47. Frugal Living Mom: The Frugal Living Mom blog offers freebies, deals, recipes and tips on living frugally. Recent topics include having fun on a limited family budget, five tips for helping your paycheck last longer, and reflections on how living frugally simplifies life.

46. Saving Dollars and Sense: Saving Dollars and Sense mixes it up with posts covering coupons and deals, freebies and giveaways, recipes, home schooling, reviews, and general savings and frugal living tips. Recent topics include steps to paying down debt, making your own non-toxic fruit and veggie wash, and tips for saving on back-to-school costs.

45. Common Sense With Money: The Common Sense With Money blog has coupons, freebies, deals and an assortment of money tips. Recent topics include how to quit smoking on a budget, what to do when you don’t have double coupons, and how to make your own laundry soap.

44. Bargain Briana: Bargain Briana’s blog offers coupons, bargain info, tips on making and saving money, giveaways and recipes. Recent posts featured a series on homemade “gifts in a jar”.

43. Fun2BFrugal: This blog combines couponing with DIY projects. Recent topics offered more than 20 recipes for homemade flavored coffee creamer, DIY baby wipes, and DIY laundry powder detergent.

42. Creative Savings Blog: The Creative Savings Blog covers a topic range from freebies to frugal foodies, life and style, and saving money. Recent posts have highlighted frugal hacks for messy drawers, free and low-cost meal-planning resources, and tips on affording upscale hotels on a budget.

41. Family Balance Sheet: This blog leans toward personal finance with some tips on frugal living. Recent posts revolve around an ongoing series, Debt Free Stories, in which people are interviewed about how they’ve paid down five- to six-figure debt amounts.

40. Family Frugal Fun: Family Frugal Fun is a blog that covers couponing and general savings tips. Recent post topics have provided insights on the best 2015 dates for Walt Disney World travel on a budget (with an infographic), 50 companies that will send you free coupons (with links or contact info), and inexpensive Halloween bathroom decor.

39. The PennyWiseMama: The Penny Wise Mama blog covers general savings as well as family, entertainment, health, recipes and beauty topics. Specific recent posts have included tips on introducing your college-age children to credit cards, activities to teach kids good financial habits, and tips for saving on back-to-school shopping.

38. Living a Frugal Life: This blog covers frugal living with an emphasis on meals and recipes. Recent posts featured tips on raising smart money kids, saving by cooking from scratch, and saving by shopping at local markets for groceries.

37. Savings Mania: Savings Mania covers the gamut of coupons, deals, bargains and general savings. Recent topics include 20-plus money-saving items worth owning, where to find free product coupons, and tips on keeping clothes and consumer electronics products like new.

36. Femme Frugality: The Femme Frugality blog highlights general savings, college, parenting, brides and more. Recent advice touches on assessing your job status and putting together a budget, managing while on an unpaid internship, and running a microgreens farming business for profit.

35. Living on Love and Cents: This blog covers inspiration, cooking, kids, travel, general savings and more. Recently featured were recipes for homemade infused and detox water recipes, 100 free mobile apps for weight loss and workouts, and over 20 DIY gift ideas for teachers.

34. Living Richly on a Budget: Living Richly on a Budget combines coupons, deals, freebies, recipes and printable budgeting templates. Recent topics have included seven easy tips for sticking to a budget, avoiding financial traps in college, and tips on creating an airtight budget.

33. Saving the Family Money: Saving the Family Money is now a multi-author blog that covers coupons and deals, recipes, home decor, beauty and general savings. Recent recommendations include how and where to collect coupons, keeping a worksheet to track savings, and tips to save on back-to-school supplies.

32. Be Centsable: The Be Centsable blog covers coupons, deals, back-to-school, home and family, and vacation. Recent offerings include a homemade face paint recipe for Halloween, how to freeze milk to prevent waste and save money, and tips on how to use your freezer to save.

31. The Peaceful Mom: This blog covers deals, coupons and a dose of general savings, with an emphasis on groceries and meals. Recent posts relate to how to set and follow a weekly grocery budget, free Kindle cookbooks, how to prepare a week’s worth of breakfasts in an hour, and various fast-track savings challenges.

30. One Hundred Dollars a Month: This one is named after the fact that its author, Mavis, managed over five years to reduce her grocery bill for a family of four down to $100 per month, partly by gardening and raising chickens. Recent posts address saving money by preventing freezer burn on food, recycling vegetable cooking water for fertilizing plants, and saving on entertaining by hosting a potluck dinner.

29. FrugalBabe: Frugal Babe, now running for eight years, covers general frugality principles and how to use them to enjoy life. Recent post highlights include creating a “your money or your life” wall chart, whether to prioritize taxable savings over retirement accounts, and making your own sunscreen lotion.

28. Coupon Chief Blog: If Coupon Chief’s blog doesn’t have everything you ever wanted to know about couponing, at least it tries. Recent posts cover how to host a coupon swap party, understanding coupon lingo, and getting support from your spouse for couponing.

27. Southern Savers: This is primarily a coupon blog with the occasional great tips on getting the most out of couponing. Recent advice features how to save 50% of your grocery budget without coupons, saving more in local stores, and details of regular online question and answer sessions for Couponing 101 on Google Hangouts.

26. Living Well Spending Less: Blogger Ruth Soukup, author of the e-book “How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul,” covers better savings tips in this blog. Recent posts instruct on putting together 10 freezer meals in an hour, 20 ways to save on a Disney vacation, and how to get magazines for free.

25. Shereen Travels Cheap: This blog covers travel on a budget. Recent suggestions include the dos and don’ts of car rentals, an infographic of how far one U.S. dollar can go in various countries, and 10 ways to save on airfare.

24. Fabulously Broke in the City: Fabulously Broke in the City takes on the task of balancing between being a saver and a shopaholic. Recent advice focuses on saving money on travel, being a smart shopaholic by controlling compulsiveness with a budget, and buying clothes off-season to save money.

23. Coupon Connections: The Coupon Connections blog offers coupon and deal info, plus savings tips. Recent posts showcase saving money with homemade alternatives to ice cream, questions to ask yourself before buying, and the many ways we throw away money daily.

22. Happy Money Saver: This blog covers homesteading, recipes and general money saving. Recent tips include making homemade hand sanitizer, the deferred bounty of an apple tree, and 10 daily uses of coconut oil.

21. Go Gingham | Stylishly Frugal Living: The Go Gingham blog takes the non-couponing approach to being frugal and mixes in tips on budgeting, family life, kitchen, and home and garden. Recent topics touch on reasons to shop without coupons, making your own sausage patties for health and budget reasons, and making your own air fresheners.

20. Northern Cheapskate: Northern Cheapskate covers frugal living, coupons, freebies, deals and more. Recent post highlights include breaking bad spending habits, smart money moves for the fall season, and determining pet ownership costs before you’re swayed by a cute potential pet.

19. Meet Penny: The Meet Penny blog covers a wide range of topics, including deals, family, travel, recipes and general frugal living. Recent topics feature filing for bankruptcy, negotiating with credit card companies (after bankruptcy), and saving money on cell phone data plans.

18. Suddenly Frugal: The Suddenly Frugal blog, now with an audio book to supplement the 2010 print book, covers deals, school costs and general saving tips. Recent posts recommend things college students should know about money, how the author saved money via a friend on Facebook, and saving money buying store brands instead of name brands.

17. Moms Need to Know: This blog offers up a mix of coupons, deals, gardening tips, recipes and general money-saving posts. Recent advice features time management tips that save you money, inexpensive ways to decorate for fall, and whether brand loyalty costs you money.

16. Frugal Mom – Frugal Living: Frugal Mom’s blog mixes posts about general frugal living with deals and giveaways, beauty and fashion, fun and family, and more. Recent posts focus on teaching kids about money, saving on computing devices, and tips on saving up six months of expenses as part of an emergency fund.

15. Little House Living: The Little House Living blog has a focus on frugality with an emphasis on saving by cooking from scratch, as well as living in a small space. Recent topics have included homemade baby toys, getting the most out of pumpkin and squash seeds, and inexpensive ways to prepare for a power outage.

14. Pocket Your Dollars: This blog covers deals and freebies, offers some couponing tools, and provides general saving tips. Recent posts highlight saving on college textbooks, tips to save on groceries without double coupons, and an overview of the popular 52-week money challenge.

13. Blog: The blog at Rather Be Shopping covers coupons, deals and general frugal living. Recent advice summarizes how to negotiate deals at major retailers, brick and mortar stores that accept PayPal, and more than 55 restaurants where kids eat free.

12. Mommy Savers: The Mommy Savers motto is “Moms Living Well for Less”, and the blog combines coupon and deal posts with various tips on saving money. Recent posts have featured home laundry cleaners, money-saving mobile apps, and frugal three-ingredient recipes.

11. Mighty Bargain Hunter: Mighty Bargain Hunter is a long-running bargain-hunting blog (since 2005) written by a scientist. Recent topics cover tips on buying wholesale; understanding the difference between being frugal, cheap or tacky; and quick tips for saving.

10. Brad’s Deals Blog: This blog supplements its main website, self-professed to be the “largest editorial-driven deal site in the world,” which covers several consumer spending categories. Recent post topics include a travel hack to get lifetime Star Alliance Gold status, tips for saving money on road trips, 60-plus restaurants where kids eat free or cheap, and a plan for taking the family to Disney World for about a dollar.

9. FatWallet: The FatWallet blog mixes deals and giveaway news with tips on saving money. Recent writings focus on clearance clothes shopping, inexpensive interior design, and saving money by knowing multiple uses of coconut oil.

8. The Non-Consumer Advocate: The Non-Consumer Advocate’s agenda is to teach people to reduce consumption or even not buy anything new and instead make it or do without. Recent recommendations include Katy’s five most recent frugal activities, cultivating a creative mindset to enable frugality, and home haircuts as a frugal activity.

7. Not Made of Money: This blog covers frugality, budgeting, credit, coupons, recipes and more. Recent topics touch on frugal fall decorating, prepping and budgeting for the holiday season, and deciding whether to use a loan to pay off credit card debt.

6. Stockpiling Moms: The Stockpiling Moms blog covers recipes (including gluten-free), travel, coupons, stockpiling and more. Recent writings feature five-ingredient-or-less dinner recipes, 21 uses of vinegar that can save you money, and a month’s worth of dinner plan ideas to save you time and money.

5. And Then We Saved: This blog recommends ways to reduce spending and promotes the concept of a year-long “spending fast” to cut out unnecessary purchases. Recent posts outline the cost of a stolen car, tips on convincing a partner to be frugal, and tips on successfully selling unwanted belongings to make money.

4. Bargain Babe: Despite the name, the Bargain Babe blog features a wide range of general life topics. Recent posts have covered how credit interest works, money-saving alternatives to sponges, and selling tactics that outlet stores use to make you spend more.

3. Daily Savings: Part of “All You” magazine, Daily Savings is another blog that mixes together frugality, deals, coupons, and general lifestyle tips and hacks. Recent topics feature how to get your family involved in couponing, using backyard items to decorate indoors, and a guide to affordable cuts of beef.

2. Wise Bread: The Wise Bread blog covers many small-budget issues, including credit cards, careers, life hacks and frugal living in general. Recent topics include tips on the types of purchases to stop making, the cheapest ways to fly first class, and the words that will get you a better deal.

1. Mint Life: The Mint Life blog leans more towards pure personal finance content; however, it does have numerous articles on saving and frugality in general. Recent posts highlight general tips on saving “more money,” an infographic for saving on back-to-school supplies (K-12 and college), and situations where you should use a budget calculator.

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