5 Hot Tips About Collecting Free Samples

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Learn how to get a sample product.

For many people requesting a free sample here and there is just something they do if they happen to see an offer. For others, getting free samples is a hobby that brings them a lot of enjoyment, not to mention a nice collection of free stuff. If you want to get serious about collecting free samples then you can use the following tips to make the most of the experience.


Tip #1: Find out where to go for free samples.

You can spend hours trying to track down free samples or you can learn the tricks of people who are getting their mail boxes stuffed with free samples. One of the best ways to find free sample offers is to join a freebie group. By joining a group you get free sample offers in your in box. Go to Yahoo or do a search for free sample or freebie groups to find one to join.


Tip #2: Get a tool to help you fill out forms.

To get free samples you will have to enter some basic information, like your name and address. After about the 10th time of doing this you will wish there was an easier way. There is, actually and it is free. There is a tool called RoboForm (http://www.roboform.com/download.html) that you can get for free. It fills out forms with a click of a button.


Tip #3: Avoid requesting samples you will not use.

There is no need to waste your time asking for samples that are useless to you. Why sign up for an offer for puppy food when you do not own a dog? Every free sample offer is limited. The company offers only a certain number of samples, so be kind and leave the samples for people who can use them. Besides that, once you start making requests you will find you have more than enough samples that having samples you won’t use will just be a hassle.


Tip #4: Set a time to hunt for samples.

Scouting for and signing up for free samples can be quite time consuming. It is easy to spend a few hours on it. Set up a time every day, once a week or whenever you decide to go through the free sample offers you have and request them. You should be aware that some free sample offers are good for limited times so you may want to do it everyday so you do not miss out.


Tip #5: Keep samples organized once you receive them.

Once you get the free samples make sure to keep them organized so you can actually use them. Do not let them pile up in the area where you keep your mail. It is best to put them where they go and where you will use them. For example, shampoo samples in the bathroom and laundry samples in the laundry room. After all, the best part of getting free samples is using them and you do not want to forget you have them.


–> Happy sample shopping! Save money today.

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