Back to School Shopping- Save on Supplies!

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Tips & Tricks!

Tips & Tricks!

Save on School Supplies

Check out our best tips to save on Back to School supplies this year! There are tons of sales going on now so don’t miss out on the best deals. We’ve been highlighting the best school supply deals of the week, so check in on Tuesday for a line-up of savings from your favorite stores. Check out my best tips to save below.

Don't pay more than $0.25!

Don’t pay more than $0.25!

Compare and Shop Smart

Many stores offer the same product at a WIDE range of prices. One example of this is that I have found 24-count Crayola crayons as low as $0.25 and as high as $2.48, depending on which store you are shopping at and what the weekly sale offers.

Make sure to check out our list of low prices for school supplies so you know when to snag those items that go on sale. Compare stores you shop at to find the best deal to save you time and money.

Buy Items on Sale

This seems like common sense but a lot of people want to take their whole list to the store and knock it out in one foul swoop. This is not the best way to save money, although it can offer time savings.

Weigh your options and if you shop at a store every week, like Target, check out the best deals when you shop and pick items up when they are at a low price. This is the best way to get the lowest prices on school supplies that you need. You’ll have them by the time school starts and have paid less.


Using coupons saves more!

Use Coupons

We are starting to see coupons for the bigger brand names in supplies in the Sunday Newspaper coupons. We also occasionally have printable coupons so check in often to see what we have in our coupon gallery. Coupons and stacking can make for the lowest prices on school supplies.

Stack to save!

Stack to save!

Incentives, Rewards and Rebates

Be on the lookout for incentives, rewards and rebates when you buy select supplies. Drug stores, like Walgreens and CVS, tend to have amazing school supply deals and may offer ECBs or RRs as part of the incentive for shopping in their store. Check out the Weekly Ad Match Ups to find the best deals at drug stores.

Back to School at Publix

Save with sales!

Shop at Office Stores

Check out Office Max, Staples and stores that offer office supplies to find super deals! Office Max/Depot offers penny deals every week- you can’t beat one penny! Staples has a price match guarantee so if you do want to shop one store and knock out your whole list, this might be the place to do it. Then if you find something at a lower price, they will give you a refund.

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