Changes to P&G Coupons (Limit of 2/Day) Quick Exp. Dates

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New Changes to P&G Coupons starting 7/2!

New Changes to P&G Coupons Starting 7/2!

You might have noticed if you have checked out today P&G Insert Coupons, there are some noticeable and important changes!

New Coupon Limit-2/day!


Changes two (2) Identical Coupons/day

As stated on the P&G insert Coupons, there is now a limit of (2) Identical Coupons/household/day!  This is a change from the past where most P&G Coupons had a limit of (4)/item/day.

We also noticed that some of the Printable P&G Coupons have been having a quicker expiration date as well as Limiting (1) Coupon/purchase Limiting (1) identical coupon per household/day.  You can view this week’s Target Match Ups, to get some ideas with some P&G Coupons!

Quicker Expiration Dates


Changes to Expiration Dates

In the past, most P&G Coupons you had up to about a month before the coupons expired.  Now however, it looks like some coupons have a shorter expiration dates.  This means you have less time to use them before they expire.  For example, the $2/1 Luvs Diaper Coupon from the 7/2 P&G insert (as shown above,) now expires 7/15.

What does this mean for you?

Probably more shopping trips, if you want to stock up on a nice deal, you will have to go back the next day.  Also, this might help with inventory lasting loner in the stores.  You might have better luck getting what you need because couponers/shoppers will be limited to purchasing less quantities per day.

Yes, this might be frustrating to couponers or people who want to stockpile.  We will have to spend more time waiting for deals and adding to stockpile.  It will require patience, and time.

We might see a decrease in coupon fraud, people who sell coupon inserts, etc.

Don’t Quit Saving Money

new coupons for July 2017

Still Check our website for Printable Coupons and Deals!  Check out our Coupon Match Ups, and deals!

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