Corral the Cost of Groceries With Coupons

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Use coupons to help cut grocery costs.

Clipping Coupons Can Help You Save Big Money at the Store.

Let’s just say that more people are beginning to take note of the savings that can be found when you use coupons today. These little money misers have been available for years and smart shoppers have found them extremely helpful when planning a budget. You can accumulate some sizable savings if you use coupons on a consistent and organized basis.

For a long time there were many who just did not want to take the time to clip and sort coupons, but these times are now changing. There are plenty of shoppers who now hunt diligently through newspapers, magazines and online for coupons that can help them keep their costs under control. Today people are approaching coupons with a different attitude and they look forward to entering the “check out” line with a handful of clippings that will put money back into their pockets.

Couponing has gone high tech and “check out “ time is faster with computerized bar codes and scans that match the savings to the purchase instantly. Shoppers can simply hand over their coupon stack and enjoy watching the grand total click lower and lower as the saving mount up quickly. Imagine your own satisfaction and relief when you save 25-50% at the grocery store week after week. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to put a coupon plan into action.

If you are serious about cutting grocery costs you will find that coupons are your biggest weapon. Gather the best coupons you can find using the Sunday newspapers and magazines. There are often coupons at the stores, and online sites will let you trade and download special money saving offers from the top manufacturers. You can even score some great coupons by being thoughtful and polite. If there are products that you use often and really enjoy send a thank you note to the company, they will respond with a nice note and some special coupons.

Here are a few hints to help you corral the cost of groceries with coupons:

  • Organize your coupons into product groups. You will find that a coupon caddy from a dollar store is very helpful, but envelopes can also be used. Don’t just stuff those pieces of paper in your pocket or purse; you can’t stay focused on being efficient if you are not organized.
  • Do not use a coupon just because you have it in your hand. Only purchase items you really use and enjoy. If you have a coupon for a free product then of course you should use it.
  • Grocery stores check out coupon happenings and their prices reflect what they know consumers will have in their hands. Some stores even raise prices when some top coupons come out on Sunday. Note the date of expiration, and only use these coupons when the store prices are helping you score a really good deal. This might require you to hold on to the coupon for 1-2 weeks, but the savings will be worth it.
  • There are stores that offer double coupons and these can help boost your savings, but again, you need to compare the prices before you buy. Sometimes you will save more money by using the coupon at face value at a competitor’s store that has a lower product price.
  • Always clip those coupons on product bags and boxes because they are big cost savers.
  • You can add to your savings when you use money off coupon on store products that have additional coupons plastered on them. Look for these bonus bargains and score a 2 for 1 deal.
  • If you have a great coupon to use on a particular item and the advertised price makes it an even better deal this is a cause for celebration. Sometimes the products may be sold out…..if so, always ask for a rain check. This will give you the same savings at a later date.

–> Happy coupon shopping! Save money today.

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