Coupon Tip: Clearance Sections

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Find fantastic savings on clearance!

I am a bit obsessed with clearance and I think it’s a tip that many of us use but may be helpful to some of the new couponers. If I shop at a store regularly, I could tell you where the clearance section is. It’s something that I hit up regularly and I always, always check to see what is on clearance.

Tips for great clearance finds:

  • Always bring your coupons- you never know what you will find and if there are only a couple items left, you’ll want to get them when you see them, not try and come back later with the coupons you forgot.
  • Know if the clearance price is a deal. I see a lot of vitamins on clearance for okay deals but the same vitamins go B1G1 50% off regularly and it’s actually a better deal at the sale price than the clearance price. 
  • Some clearance items may qualify for gift cards. For example, if Dove items had a $5 GC when you buy three, the same may apply to any items you find in clearance. Ask a cashier or employee to check for you. This is a great way to stretch your dollar. 
  • Check toy and baby sections, especially at Target, Meijer and Walmart, for great gift closet deals. I have been finding some really great deals on organic, wooden baby toys, high-end sleepers and other nice baby items at Target recently. 
  • The scanner (or a helpful employee) is your friend. Many times, items may be lower than the marked price.
  • Scout your store for all the clearance sections. Some of my regular stores, like Walgreens, is always in the same place. Some stores, like Target, move it around a bit. Know where it is and check it out on every shopping trip when time allows. 
  • This tip can apply to all stores, from Drugstores to Warehouse Clubs. Even Costco has clearance! Look for prices ending in “7” and that indicates a clearance. Ask employees where clearance items are placed- do they have a special area or is it just mixed in with regular priced items? 

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