Coupon Tip: Dealing with cashiers

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coupon tips and etiquette

Know the T&Cs on your coupon!

I have had a lot of run-ins with cashiers who think they shouldn’t accept coupons, some of them are mean, some are confused and some are honestly trying to help out their employer by stopping what they think are unauthorized coupons.  There are a couple of ways to handle this.  First and foremost, remain calm and try not to get excited or worked up.  If this happens to you at particular stores, carry a copy of the coupon policy with you to try and fix these situations easily. Make sure you are familiar with the coupon and the T&Cs printed on it in small print so you can point that out if need be.  If the cashier still refuses to help you or take the coupon and you feel you are within the bounds of the coupon policy and the coupon fine print, politely ask to talk to a Manager. This happened to me recently and it reminded me that when you are new to couponing, this can be your worst nightmare and sometimes you assume the cashier knows what they are talking about and back down, without defending your coupon.  There is a way to handle it and I highly recommend going up each level as needed to deal with this, until you feel you have a satisfactory response. Several times, I have had to go above the store manager level and have gotten a really great response.  Remember to treat everyone politely and be confident in your right to use coupons (as long as you are using them correctly and not trying to trick the system)!

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  1. Anonymous on

    As a general rule I don’t have trouble with cashiers as I’m 51 years past the age of 18, and I look very mean. If I get to much static, I just tell the cashier to page the manager and the usually solves the problem, and the cashier usually will remember you the next time you go thru her checkout line. (I spent 17 years managing a grocery store and my cashiers were taught not to accept a coupon if the person hadn’t purchased the item or the store didn’t stock the item, or the expiration date had past once in a blue moon there would be someone who wanted to take their aggression out on the cashier, and then I’d get called up front and that ended that. You have to realize that there are some people that show that the world will be a much better place to live in after they are dead!

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