Coupon Tip: Loyalty, Rewards & Incentive Programs

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Save even more!

There are a ton of rewards and incentive programs out there and this is a great way to save even more. I always try and get the most bang for my buck when it comes to these types of program. Almost every store offers them and some stores even require you to have their loyalty card to get discounts and sales.

These program can evolve and change over time so check-in occasionally to see if anything has changed with your stores, especially if you aren’t shopping somewhere on a regular basis. One example of this is the new Walgreens Balance Rewards Program. Formerly, their incentive program was the Register Rewards that you got back for purchases but now they have this new additional program that is completely different. If you haven’t been there in awhile, it would be worthwhile to check this out. The points now equate to monetary discounts when you reach a certain amount and this is in addition to Register Rewards. Sometimes it is hard to keep it all straight!

Sign up for restaurant, coffee shop or clothing store frequent buyer programs. These are usually free and if you are a regular customer, you will score some freebies! Our local brewery even has a punch card so you can earn a free growler of beer. One of our favorite lunch places has a ten punch card and you earn a free sandwich when you fill the card. With four people in our family, we fill it up pretty quick and the free sandwich is a savings of $7.

There are also general loyalty programs like Belly. These programs give you incentives for how many times you shop or visit a store or restaurant but are not directly from the stores themselves. As you earn points, you will get freebies from the stores where you have accumulated points.

Office stores offer a lot of 100% rebates when you have their loyalty or rewards cards. Staples and Office Max always have freebies and these cards are free to sign up for. Some of them come back in the form of rebates or rewards dollars that must be spent back at the store but if it’s somewhere you shop regularly, it’s worthwhile!

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