Coupon Tip: Sale Cycles

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saving on sale cycles

Save with sale cycles

Coupon Tip: Know the Sale Cycles

Although some items are seasonal and you know when they will be available at low prices, almost every item in the store has is part of a sale cycle that ebbs and flows. Once you figure out these sale cycles, you will be ready for them and can stack and save to get the very best deals on that particular item.

You’ll begin to notice the sales cycles once you pay attention to prices and then you’ll start to pick up the times of year you can find certain items on sale. Here are some of the sales cycles that tend to occur, although all stores are different. Pay attention at stores where you shop and you’ll be in the know!

  • Toys- The best time to buy toys is after a big holiday- like Easter or Christmas- or as season’s change. Plan ahead and you can save big money. Target’s toy clearance happens twice a year and you can save 70% and sometimes even 90%!
  • Condiments- you can find great deals on condiments during the summer months, think BBQs! It’s a great time of year stock-up for the rest of the year. You’ll find lots of coupons during these months as well.
  • Baking supplies- this is another holiday sale cycle item. You can pick up staples, cream cheese, chocolate chips and all types of baking supplies at the lowest prices during cooking holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
  • Linens and towels- look for White Sales at the beginning of the year in January and February. Stores are trying to get people to buy items they may need and didn’t buy during the holidays. 
  • Frozen Foods- January and February have the biggest sales on these types of food, especially appetizer with New Year’s Eve and the Superbowl.
  • Ice Cream, Popsicle and Iced Tea- Summer months are great times to get these items. Stock-up on your favorite iced tea for the winter months when it’s at the lowest price!
  • Cereal- August and September have super hot deals for back to school cereal bargains. It’s a great time to stock-up on boxes of cereal for your kids and you can collect the box tops!


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