Coupon Tip: Store Tips for New Couponers

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Get couponing!

If you want to get the most savings possible, you have to go to more than one store to find the best deal. In a regular week, I go to three to four stores, sometimes more.  Once in awhile, I go to a store I am not familiar with but in general I have a regular rotation of Safeway, Target, Whole Foods and then usually CVS or Walgreens depending on what deals they have.  Since these stores are all close to me (a couple even within walking distance), I am not wasting gas driving to these stores to get deals. This is something to consider depending where you live- is the gas money you are spending worth what you are saving?  I also like going to stores that I know because I know their policies and if I have trouble, I feel confident enough to speak to a manager since I have been couponing at these stores for a long time.

Here are some tips to feel confident:

  • Shop at one regular store, where you go each week, to get started if you are new to couponing.  Learn their policy and if you feel you need to, print a copy of their policy and carry it with you. Here’s a link to Kroger’s policy just to give you an idea of how specific it is and what it covers. This is pretty general for most stores.
  • Know your store’s layout. This will save you time and money because you won’t be wandering around aimlessly!
  • Be organized! If you waste a lot of time at the store trying to straighten and rearrange and find coupons, it can lead to frustration.
  • Be polite but confident if you run in to trouble with a cashier or someone who is trying to tell you something other than what the policy allows. Ask for a manager if you need to and if you still feel you are not happy with the result, contact the store at a higher level (corporate, etc.).
  • Once you feel confident at your “regular” store, branch out to other stores in your area to find great deals and add them to your regular rotation. I don’t always go to my secondary stores each week but I always look at the circulars to see if there’s something worth going for.

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