Couponing 101 – Where To Find the Coupons

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For many new couponers , one of the most common questions is “How do I get multiples of the same coupons?”

The answer is simple – A combination of multiple subscriptions to the same newspaper and internet coupons is the way to go.

Multiple Newspapers –  Many couponers have subscriptions for several Sunday papers to get multiple inserts or ask family and friends to save the inserts for them. Two newspapers is definitely better than one for several reasons. First, you take home double the products when you use those coupons because you have twice as many.  Another advantage is this: any time a Buy One, Get One Free sale comes along, it’s nice to have a coupon to use on each item in the sale. This does depend on your store’s policy, but some stores allow shoppers to use a coupon on each item in a BOGO sale. So, if a multi-pack of cereal bars is on sale for $2, Buy One Get One Free, and I have two $1 coupons, I can use one on each item, taking two dollars off and making both products free. Most avid couponers have 4+ subscriptions, check with your local paper to see if you can get a deal on multiple Sunday papers.

Internet Coupons – Most internet coupons will print 2 of each coupon per computer, so you could use multiple computers or ask a friend to print extra coupons for you. Many people have “coupon swaps” with friends or other couponers in their area. Also, many coupons reset and are able to be printed again in the near future.  The time that the most new coupons come out & others reset is the first day of the month.

More Couponing Tips

Local Coupon Blogs – Following a local blog can be helpful, because much of the legwork is done for you, and since the deals are local, they will apply to the stores that are in your area. Just do a Google search for “Coupon Blog” + your city to find a local blog near you.

Find your “Buy It Now” Price – this may seem simplistic, but try shopping with a notebook for several weeks and write down the prices of things you always buy (coffee, cereal, etc.). Each week, write down the price and then at the end of the four weeks, see what the items high and low price is and only use coupons when it’s at the low price (or lower). By doing this, you are observing a fairly good length sale cycle so you get an idea of what a good deal is in your area. Until you know what a good “buy it now” price is, keep the notebook with you and use that as your resource. Not as fancy as an app but does the same job :)

And Don’t Forget – Later this week we will be releasing our very own instructional video and the “Coupon Dojo” where we will be giving tips and answering questions about how to maximize your coupon savings, so stay tuned!








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