Coupons 101: Catalina Coupons

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What are Catalinas?

Catalina is a word that is used and included in blog posts regarding deals that are going on but not everyone is clear as to what exactly this is.  A Catalina is basically a coupon that prints out at check-out from that little machine beside or attached to the cash register. These are coupons that can be used on your next shopping trip and are usually manufacturer’s coupons. Occasionally, you may get a Catalina that is a store coupon as well but that is a bit more unusual. Expiration dates can range from ten days out to several months.  This is one way to get coupons for produce and meat since you will sometimes get a $ off coupon for when you spend a certain amount on these types of products.

These are different than Register Rewards and Extra Care Bucks and may be a small amount off of a product, up to a completely free product. Catalinas can be triggered by what you purchased or items that are being promoted by the store or brand.  These may also come in the form of a discount on your next purchase, for example $10 off when you spend $30 on your next trip.  Some Catalina deals are advertised and some are surprises. Often if we know about a Catalina deal, we’ll include it in a match-up.

If you have a trouble with a Catalina deal or want to know if a promotion is valid in your area, you can contact Catalina Category Marketing at (888)322-3814 or (888)8COUPON.

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  1. Anonymous on

    This is an awesome site! You have so much more here than some of the other sites I have been to! I have a question for you, though. You mention that some Catalinas are advertised, where do you find them? I really miss coupon network because I could always find out what Catalinas were out there, and planned my shopping accordingly. So I knew to buy, for example, 3 of an item to get a catalina for savings OYNO instead of only buying 2 and getting nothing. Thank you so much!

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