Free Product Coupons: Tips on where to find them!

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Here are a few of my recent “Free Product” Coupons I received!

Find out how to score Free Product Coupons

One of the biggest questions I always get when using coupons from cashiers is where do you get your free product coupons?!  The answer is a lot of places!  Social Media is huge with giving freebies away!  Twitter and Facebook are great places to find free product coupons!  In addition, sometime brands have you join their website and subscribe to their newsletter.  Currently, you can still sign up for the John Frieda Elite Club-I randomly get Free Product Coupons in the mail from them!  Other times, companies have you join their clubs or communities to give feedback on their products.

Another great way to sample FREE Full Size Products is by joining sites like Smiley360-The following are a list of previous freebies, I have received in exchange for a product review.

Vocalpoint is a great product review site that’s FREE to join as well!  Vocalpoint sends out lots of samples and coupons when you request them!  BzzAgent is Similar to Vocalpoint and Smiley360 as well!  Check out BzzAgent another great place to review FREE Full-Size Products!

PINCHme is a new free sample site that offers samples once a week when available.  Check out more information from a blog post!

Here’s a list of a few of my recent items I got for FREE just because of Free Product Coupons!

The Following Freebies are No Longer Available-I included them to use as examples.

Free Lindsay Olives Coupon (Sorry No Longer Available)

Free Pepsi Next (Facebook) (Sorry No Longer Available)

Free McDonald’s Quarter Pounder-My Coke Rewards (Sorry No Longer Available)

Free Domino’s Pizza Facebook Promotion (Sorry No Longer Available)

Free Twix Candy Bar (Sorry No Longer Available)

I love getting to try new products for FREE!  Free product coupons are a great way to try new products before you spend money on them!

These are are few of my favorite Tips on Signing Up for and Receiving Free Product Coupons

  1. Email Address-Create a New Email address just for signing up for newsletters and freebies.  This way your regular email addressed won’t get filled up with newsletters, contests, product info, and more!  Remember, you can unsubscribe at anytime to information you are tired of receiving.
  2. Enter Contests-Contests are a great way for earning possible free products-Depending on what the company is giving away and how many prizes, you odds will increase!  My philosophy is if you don’t enter, you can’t win!  :)
  3. Be Patient-Some freebies are easier to get than others.  Sometimes sites get slammed with traffic and pages won’t load correctly.  The refresh button on your keyboard (the F5 key) works for this!
  4. Understand that you won’t get a freebie every time.  Companies run out of items or coupons to giveaway.
  5. Keep your Eyes on Grocery Coupon Network!  :)  GCN post lots of great freebies and more  If you enjoy receiving Free Samples, be sure to check back on Grocery Coupon Network to see what other free samples and coupons are available!  You can also “Like” Grocery Coupon Network on Facebook and “Follow” Grocery Coupon Network on Twitter to stay updated on deals, coupons, and freebies!

Free Samples are great as well!  Here are a list of Freebies Still available to Request!

Enjoy your Freebies!

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