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Simple ways to collect and clip coupons.

One reason why some consumers avoid using coupons is because they think it will take too much time and hassle to try to save money using coupons. In part, consumers often don’t realize just how much money they can save with coupons, so they lack the motivation to put effort into using coupons to get the best deals on groceries and other items. Once shoppers realize that coupons can save them from hundreds to even thousands of dollars each year, they are more motivated to begin using coupons that may happen to arrive in the form of ad circulars, emails, or in the mail. But sadly, many consumers don’t really make a coordinated effort to maximize their savings with coupons. Here are some ways to do just that, while taking the hassle and time drain out of the process.

Keep Coupons in One Place

As ad circulars, newspapers, and mailers trickle in throughout the week, put them all in one place. Instead of the going through them piecemeal, save them for a time when you can sit down and systematically review the offers to see which ones fit your shopping needs. Also, print email coupons right when you receive them and be sure to put them with the hard copy coupons that you receive. This way you wont have to comb through old emails to find that special deal right when you’re on your way out the door.

Designate a Coupon Clipping Day

Pick a day of the week where you can spend an hour clipping coupons, organizing your coupon folder, planning meals, and updating your shopping list. Compiling all of these things at once is far more efficient than trying to find a coupon here and there throughout the week. Though you’ll finalize your grocery list on coupon clipping day, it’s a good idea to keep a magnetic sticky notepad on the fridge, or a white board in your kitchen to jot down grocery needs as you become aware of them. This way, you won’t forget to add an important item to your grocery list.

Simplify Your Meal Planning

Do the bulk of your meal planning on coupon clipping day, and plan your meals around items that are on sale at your local grocery store. Since meats tend to be the most expensive grocery items, plan around any special deals on meat, poultry, and fish, and fill in the rest of your grocery list with ingredients for snacks, salads, and side dishes.

Keep a Shopping Notebook

Keep a notebook that contains, at a minimum, your grocery list for the week and the coupons you’ll be using during your shopping trip. Make it a habit to update the notebook each week on coupon clipping day, and bring it with you every time you go to the store. If you get into a routine of bringing the notebook with you every time, you won’t be stuck at the store without your grocery list and your coupons.

These tips can help make using coupons an easy part of your grocery shopping routine. Good planning, organization, and having the right tools at your fingertips is the key to taking the hassle out of coupon clipping.

–> Happy coupon searching! Save money today.

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