How to Save On…Beauty Items

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save on beauty items

How to save!

There are tons of ways to save on everything from copy paper to cars so this series will focus on one item and give you the best tips on how to save on that! This post will feature beauty items- shampoos, skin care, cosmetics, sunscreen and more!  I love hearing your tips as well so share your best ideas with us.  This category includes a huge range of items so hopefully our tips will help you find new ways to save or give you some new ideas or perspectives.  I’ll include some top coupons at the bottom for all of the items discussed.

How to save:

  • Sunscreen is a hot item right now! We are in he midst of a heat wave (at least in the Midwest) and we have been seeing a ton of great deals on Sunscreen.  Many drugstores and chain stores have great deals, even without coupons. There have been a lot of B1G1 FREE or B1G1 50% off deals on sunscreen lately and these make for great deals when you pair them with coupons.  Along with that, Walgreens and CVS have had some GREAT deals that include RRs and ECBs, making for free or super cheap sunscreen. Target also offers gift card deals that come along occasionally and these can make for really great deals when paired with coupons.  We’ve been seeing a lot of coupons in the inserts and online lately so grab those and be on the lookout for great deals to pair with.  I’ll include some top coupons at the bottom for all of the items. Here is one example of a great sunscreen deal.
  • Cosmetic deals come along regularly and you can also get great samples and find fantastic clearance deals to save on these beauty items.  The Target Beauty Bag is an offer that we see several times a year and it comes with some really great samples and nice beauty coupons as well. Be ready when the next one is available and it’s a great score! The coupons that come with this bag are Target store coupons so you can stack them with MQs for a great deal.  Drugstores and even Grocery Stores will have some great deals on cosmetics. Always check the clearance section at these stores (and big stores like Target and Walmart) to see if you have anything to pair a coupon with there.  You can find some really cheap deals on nice products this way and save a ton of money.
  • Skin care coupons come along in the inserts and online but in my opinion the best skin care coupons come with samples!  Samples are a great way to try out a product and you often get a high-value coupon with the sample, making for much cheaper products in the store. If you use a particular brand of face wash or moisturizer, be on the lookout for the best price and then stock-up.  If you follow sale cycles and know what the best deal is, you will know when you should buy it and what amount to get.  Target will often times have gift card deals on more expensive beauty items they carry so if you can get this with a coupon when they are offered, you might save a lot off the regular price.  Also, check online and see what the best deal is and then determine if it’s more beneficial to order online or buy in the store with coupons.  If you purchase more high-end items from department stores or a specific brand, watch for bonus deals like a free beauty bag with purchase or an extra travel size with regular item purchase. These savings can add up!
  • Shampoo, conditioners and styling products are always on sale. If you are not brand particular, you can really get these for super cheap or even free on a pretty regular basis.  Samples are also a great way to get high-value coupons for these types of items.  Many brands also give away free, full-size items on Facebook so follow the brands that you like and be on the lookout for these giveaways. If you follow GCN on Facebook, we will keep you posted on all of these giveaways as soon as they come out.
  • Body wash, soap and other shower items go on sale often and you can find great deals on these on a regular basis. This week at Walgreens, you can get FREE Ivory Soap and super cheap Suave Body Wash.  When you find deals like these, stock up! Coupons for these items are fairly frequent in both the inserts and online.  Facebook pages are another way to find great high-value coupons for these types of items.
  • At-home hair coloring kits are something that saves a ton of money and there are some really nice ones now.  You can find coupons and deals on these all the time and often certain colors will go on clearance so make sure you check the endcaps at the stores you frequent and carry any coupons with you just in case! Right now there is a great deal at Target for FREE Nice and Easy Hair Coloring Kits!
Here are some great coupons available for beauty items:

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