My “Real Life” Coupon Adventure! This is why I use Coupons and Enjoy a Frugal Lifestyle!

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Check out my “Real Life” Coupon/Frugal Living Adventure!

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Like many couponers, I coupon to save money.  I enjoy a frugal and fun lifestyle.  I use my stockpile for my family’s needs.  I take pride in knowing I can provide what my family needs because of my frugal lifestyle.  I am going to tell you about my “Real Life Coupon Adventure.”  Come and see how coupons and a frugal lifestyle have helped my family.

Life Before Coupons

Before coupons, we thought nothing about charging items on our credit card.  We bought things at the store whether they were on sale or not.  It wasn’t uncommon to spend $150 or more a week on groceries and eating out.  We made multiple trips a week spending money at Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc. or our family’s needs.  Money was disappearing faster than it was staying in our bank account.  Being a stay at home mom/part time substitute teacher, along with my husband’s income was tight.

Time for a Change

A few years ago, after speaking with a friend who was following Dave Ramsey’s guide and  working towards financial freedom, I became inspired.  I started to use coupons!  It was simple and fun.  I started out small.  I saved a little bit here, and a little bit there.

I found Grocery Coupon Network.  I printed coupons right from the GCN site.  I followed them for deals, freebies, and more! I entered and won the Grocery Coupon Network Mom of the Month Contest!  I used the $250 grocery store gift card and my local grocery store, and stretched it as far as possible using coupons, and store sales!  I enjoyed the challenge of saving money.  It seemed so simple, but at first, it took some getting used to.

Ways we started to “Cut Costs”

Budget for eating out and family entertainment

Our family enjoyed eating out a lot, which was costly for a family of four.  This was one of the hardest things to give up.  We explained to the kids that we were trying to save money and eat healthier.  They understood and were on board with meal planning and our new way of life.  We budgeted a set amount of money per week for entertainment/eating out.  When it was gone, it was gone.  :)  My husband and I lost about 10 pounds each within the first 2 months of changing our ways.  :)

We developed a “meal plan”-now we know what we are having for supper, every night!  It is flexible though, in case “life happens”-My pantry is filled with soups, Mac ‘N Cheese, and easy meals, as back up, and for convenience purpose.

We participated in lots of “FREE” family activities on our area for entertainment.  We took the kids to $2 movie nights at our local movie theater.  Family game nights at our house are a weekly occurrence.

We budget for activities that cost money-bowling, movies, laser tag, etc.  It’s fun to have a “treat” once and awhile.

We have a Usable Stockpile

Our stockpile is our go to resource for our family’s daily needs!  No more running to the store in the middle of the day or night to grab what we ran out of!  Our stockpile is well stocked with our family’s needs!  See my post on Stockpiling and how to start one!  Our stockpile saves us time and money!  It’s wonderful to have the necessities right in our home!

Other Ways to Cut Monthly Expenses

We Cut Cable
This may sound extreme, but we dropped cableWe went to Best Buy and bought an antenna and now have FREE local channelsWe use Hulu to stream popular movies and current tv shows and pay just $7.99 a month!  We are saving over $120 a month!

We no longer have a land line phone
Our cell phones are used for communicationI switched my cell phone number to a local phone number (our old land line phone number).  This saves us about $50 a month!

Saving Money=More Money for “Other things”

All of the above tips and tricks have allowed my family to be on the right track financially.  We have significantly cut our cost of living and saved more money than we have in the past almost 10 years that we have been married!  Now, we can afford family vacations, unexpected costs of living expenses, and more!  Recently, I was able to surprise my husband with a trip to Las Vegas for our 10 year wedding anniversary!   I saved money and paid cash for my airline tickets.  This is something that I never imagined I could do!  What a great feeling to be able to not have a credit card balance for airline tickets!

Use Coupons where you can!

Grocery Coupon Network has lots of printable coupons!  Print away and start saving today!  Pair the coupons with store sales to maximize your savings!

Stay Connected with Grocery Coupon Network!

I hope you enjoyed my post on my “Real Life” Coupon/Frugal Lifestyle Adventure!  I urge you to start small and work towards saving big!


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