New to Couponing? or Feeling Overwhelmed?

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Grocery Coupon Network

Sit back, relax, and prepare to be coupon educated!

Are you new to couponing or feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start?  I am here to help with offering a few tricks to get you started and more comfortable with using coupons!

I want to start by saying, I have been a “serious couponer” for three years now.  One day, after taking a look at our family’s expenses I knew something had to change.  We were tired of living paycheck to paycheck and spending a ton of money on things our family uses in their daily lives.  I was inspired by my friend’s stockpile and how much their family was saving just by using coupons!  I was also lucky enough to win Grocery Coupon Network’s Mom of the Month Contest in May of 2011!  Hence, the fact that I love sharing coupon tips, deals, and freebies with all of you!  I hope you enjoy my post on couponing!  Feel free to share it with others.  Thank you!  :)

Start Small
Even little savings makes a big difference in the long run.  Here’s how I started.  I used coupon blog websites to help me find store deals.  Grocery Coupon Network is a perfect place to start!  Grocery Coupon Network had everything I needed to get started!

Grocery Coupon Network Beginning Couponing Page

Allow yourself some time to get coupon educated.  Learn about store policies and more right from Grocery Coupon Network!  There are even Couponing 101 Videos for you to watch!

Make a list
Make a list of items that your family buys on a regular basis.  See if you can come up with coupons for these items.  Keep in mind that in item is on sale and a great deal, you should buy more of that item if you can, to start a stockpile.

Use Coupon Resources

Challenge Yourself
Set a goal.  It might be something like, this week, I want to save $5 off my grocery bill.  $5 a week=$20 a month or $240 a year!  The more you coupon, the better you will get at it.  Remember the old saying, “practice makes perfect”, well it really does.

Allow Yourself Time To Save
Plan you shopping trips.  Use your weekly ads and store deals and pair them up with coupons to maximize your savings!  At the same time, allow yourself “breaks” so you don’t get “burned out.”  If you have more time one week than others, spend time prepping for your next trip.  If you need to take time off of certain stores, go ahead and so so.

Try To Be Organized
There are lots of ways to organize coupons.  I cannot tell you what will work best for you.  It’s trial and error.  Try something out, and if it’s not working, try something else.  Check out Grocery Coupon Network’s Coupon Organization Videos for some ideas!  Personally, I started out with a binder and cut every coupon out of my inserts.  This method was time consuming and wasteful for me because I ended up not using much of the coupons I had in my binder.  ):  Now, I use a plastic container that fits in a medium size tote bag.  All of my current coupons are organized by category and paper-clipped by brand.  I try to keep up with the dates and I cut coupons as quickly was I print them from my printer.  Inserts, I simply just date them and file them away for when there is a coupon I need.  Sometimes, I cut insert coupons instantly from the inserts, if I know that the coupon is one that I will be using right away.

Make it a Family Affair
My kids love to help cut coupons and do shopping trips with me.  It’s a time saver for me to have help.  I even have my husband on the coupon train!  :)

Don’t be afraid of a stockpile!
I love my stockpile.  I love having items my family uses at my fingertips!  No more running to the store in the middle of the night!  I love the feeling of being able to provide for my family without feeling like I am a hoarder!  :)  This post explains why I feel that a stockpile is a necessity.  Remember, if you have an abundance of something or just feel like helping others, you can check out my post on donating from your stockpile or coupon items.  Her are some great tips on stockpiling around the holidays, thanks to GCN’s Samantha!

Don’t Expect to Save 100% of your bill every time!
Believe it or not, it is possible to save 100% of your bill depending on what your purchase, what store you are at, and what coupons and sales you use.  However, I caution you to be realistic.  Set a goal and go from there.

Always Remember

  •  Every coupon you use is money saved.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small the coupon is.  Savings ad up faster than you think!
  • Couponing is a skill that everyone can learn!
  • Have fun!  Couponing should never be a chore!

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