Save Money by Clipping Coupons

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Using coupons to save money.


Clipping Coupons Can Help You Save Big at the Store

Can you really save all that much money by cutting out coupons? Many shoppers can spend hours hunched over the breakfast table, snipping out little rectangles from their Sunday paper and making piles, but is it really worth the hassle? In fact, the answer coming out of many experts in a resounding yes, and the evidence is astonishing.

A lot of brand name products can actually be bought for a lot less money than the store brand; you just have to know the trick to getting the best deal you can. Most national newspapers fill their Sunday paper to bursting with grocery ads and coupons, while the flyers for the next week’s specials and sales may be delivered on the same day or separately during the week. This is the perfect opportunity to take out a pen and circle the things in the ads that are not only going on sale, but that you also have coupons for. Take out your coupon box and separate out all the ones you plan to use that week, and put them into a separate envelope you can take with you. This way, when you go to the store, you won’t have to waste valuable time searching through all your coupons. Of course, it can also be a good idea to take the rest of your coupons with you too just in case something good shows up the clearance section.


Shop Weekly Deals

Another great way to save is to shop every week. This way you aren’t missing any opportunities to save, unlike if you went shopping every month. This way you can get all the sales and discounts. You can also save a lot by shopping at more than one store. Look for stores in your area that double coupons for extra savings. This way you can take advantage of even more sales and discounts.

A lot of people don’t plan out their meals for the week before going to the store. Rather they see what is available and affordable, and plan their meals as they shop. By not limiting themselves to a pre-planned meal schedule, these shoppers do not have to fill a shopping list and buy thing sat full price just to get dinner. Brand loyalty can also be a pitfall, and if you can effortlessly switch between brands you can save more with a larger amount of coupons. Each week different brands go on sale, which lets you take advantage of every possible opportunity to save.


Coupon Clipper Little Helpers

If you are sick and tired of clipping coupons yourself, a great solution is to pay your kids a little money to do the clipping for you. This way, you won’t have to do it yourself and you’ll still save a lot when you go shopping. The key to clipping coupons is to be prepared on your shopping trip. Be prepared to save.


–> Happy coupon shopping! Save money today.

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