Saving Money with Cloth Diapering

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cloth diapers savings

A great way to save!

As a new mom, there are so many things to learn, decide on and figure out. It’s enough to make your brain hurt!  When my husband and I chose cloth diapering for our first son, we got a lot of funny looks and questions….why would we do that when disposables were SO easy? For me it was the environmental and health reasons, for my husband, he was swayed by the cost savings.  There are many types of diapers and we chose to use Fuzzi Bunz, a pocket diaper with snaps.  There are accessories you need for cloth diapering, including pails, wetbags and sprayers.  Our total cost for the whole system (diapers and accessories) was around $900. Of course I searched until I found a great deal on the diapers I wanted (being a savings specialist and all) so if you are hoping to do this, there are lots of good deals that come and go. This is compared the average cost of diapering a child from birth to potty training of $2500. Right off the bat, we are saving over $1500 on diapers, although it is an upfront cost whereas disposable diapers spread the cost over the time period of diapering.  Now, the even better part is when you use the diapers on a second child.  We are using them for our 9-month old now and so we now have a cost savings for this round of $2500 since we already had everything. In total, using cloth diapers for two children, we have saved around $4000….crazy!  I also like that you have more control over your diapers- you can choose organic, recycled, 100% cotton, all sorts of choices that allow you to choose exactly what you want for your child.  Using cloth diapers also lowers your chance of diaper rash, saving on treatment creams, doctors visits and more when that happens.  Like any parenting decision, clth diapers is a choice that is out there and you have to decide if it works for you. I love the environmental-friendliness of them, the control over the choices of what I am putting on my child and one of the biggest draws….the HUGE cost savings!

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