Saving Tips For Purchasing Large Appliances

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Save big!

Living in a vintage condo, I have had to replace quite a few large appliances and I have learned a lot of ways to save on them that I’d love to share with you so when you go through a similar situation, you already have some knowledge on how you can save more money.

Saving More On Large Appliances Purchases

Large appliances generally come with a matching large price tag but there are some great way to save and depending on what your situation is, you can use these tips to help! If you are in an emergency situation where you need something NOW, you may not be able to apply all these tips but check them out before you make the leap for a big purchase, they may just help!

  • Know Prices- Much like any coupon shopping when you are trying to save, you will know what the best deal is when you know what the price range of deals looks like. I am in internet research kind of gal and usually when we know we are looking to replace something, I check the ads weekly to see what kind of a price range we are looking at. Once you know a good price, or at least a price range, you can start to narrow down brands, amenities, needs, etc. that you are looking for. You’ll also start to recognize sale cycles and when your item is at the lowest price, you can snag it at a great deal.
  • Check Reviews- Reviews from customers who have already made the purchase can help me seal the deal on a particular item or brand that I am considering. Most websites also allow you to ask questions for more information from customers if you can’t find an answer to what you are looking for.
  • Compare Sales- Not all sales are created equal and there are a lot of factors to consider. The best way to find the best deal is to compare promotions thoroughly and consider all the factors of the “deal”. My husband and I are first-time homeowners and not super handy people so for us, it’s a big deal to have installation included. It saves a lot of time and money in the long run so we factor that into our best price. If we see a sale that offers free installation and haul away, that is a big deal for us. If we can pair that with a sale price that is competitive, even better.
  • Price Matching- Many appliance stores do price matching but offer different amenities. We recently replaced all of our kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher) because they were very outdated and we wanted to upgrade to a stainless steel package. I went to a local, family owned business down the street from me and the price they gave me was comparable to the price Best Buy had as a big sale price. Not only that, they would have matched a price if Best Buy had been lower (they weren’t) AND I got to support a local business. On top of all that goodness, they had a super cheap installation package and hauled away all our old appliances for less than the cost of having one of the appliances installed by best buy.
  • Financing Options- If you need something new but it might break your bank, check into financing options and see if any store might offer a 0% financing options for several months. You can pay over a period of time without any penalty and you might be able to afford something you couldn’t without this option. Just make sure you pay it off before the term ends because the interest rate really goes up after the grace period.
  • Buy Used- Depending on what you need, you may find something on craigslist or a swap board that works just fine! You do take chances with this option but you might be pleasantly surprised and get a great item for pennies on the dollar because someone is moving or got a great deal and couldn’t use it.
  • Shop Hardware Stores- Check your big box hardware store for as-is or floor model sales and see what you find. If you are looking for a single appliance and aren’t too particular, there are a ton out there. If you look on a regular basis, you can find some amazing deals and save 50% or more off the regular price.
  • Buy At The Right Time- Different items go on sale at different times of year! If you are looking for a great deal on a TV, check in the time leading up to the Super Bowl or during the holiday season when stores are offering lower prices than at other times during the year. The beginning of the year and spring are a good time for deals on washers and dryers and you may find a great deal on a refrigerator during the summer/back to school sales.
  • Utilize Store Rewards Or Discounts- If you have a special discount at a store that normally doesn’t discount, like a 5% off reward at Home Depot, use that to save more. Use a store credit card or an incentive shopping site if you order online to get a percentage back on your purchase. Use any discount you can to save extra and stack discounts when you can!

All of these tips are ways that you can save more money on your appliance purchases but the best tip is to buy the best you can afford for your needs. Don’t overspend and try and pick and item that fits your needs at the price point you are willing to spend.

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