Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I use coupons at the local store nearby?

Although manufacturers' coupons are accepted in most retail stores, some small businesses may not. SImply check with your local retailer. In general though, you should absolutely be able to redeem your coupon at any retailer / grocery store that carries the product.

Can I redeem coupons from my mobile phone or tablet?

The industry is making changes and advances towards this, but you may find that redeemable mobile coupons are not widely available at all retailers yet, so you still may have to print your coupon at home before redeeming it or you can save it inside our Grocery Coupon Network App to print later. Hang tight! Mobile ocupons are almost here!

Will my phone number or any other personal infomration be shared out without my consent?

No! We respect your privacy and do not sell your perosnal information. The Brands you sign-up with and redeem coupons for are the only entities able to see your infomration and/or share additional offers wiht you in the future.

Printing Issues

Can I photocopy printable coupons?

No. Printable coupons are limited to one-time use and are coded with a single-use redemption barcode.

Can I print coupons in black & white?

Yes, coupons can be printed in any color as long as the barcode is clearly visible. 

Can I print coupons from a mobiile device?

You can only print physical coupons from a mobile device if doing so directly from our GCN App. Outside of the app, you can choose to email yourself the coupon to print from a desktop computer later.

I received the "Successfully Printed" message, yet there is no coupon on my printer...

In this case, make sure that your browser has pop-ups enabled. Our system can only "talk" to your system and send the coupon to your printer if these are enabled.

Supporting Business

How do coupons work for businesses?

With manufacturers' coupons, the manufacturer of a product provides a discounted follar amount from the coupons to retail stores at which it was redeemed; this is why the coupons are redeemable anywhere!

Whereas general retailers' coupons are offered from each retail store without interaction with the manufacturer. The cost of the discounted dollar amount, therefore, is covered by the respective retail store.

How do coupons help businesses?

Coupons are great marketing tools for compnaies expanding their visibility and ultimately trying to sell more! Using coupons, therefore, does not mean hurting businesses; instead, using coupons to buy products help businesses!


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