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Easy and convenient, 1-800-Contacts was established in 1995 to bring the public contacts at affordable prices right to their door step. 1-800-Contacts has nearly all the name brands that you need and love, with 15 million contact lenses ready to go. It's easy to find your specific prescription with thousands of choices at your fingertips. 1-800-Contacts services over 8 million customers and regularly ships over 200,000 contacts lenses on any given day. This leads to about 30 millions shipments, letting you know that 1-800-Contacts is company that millions of customers know and trust. See what everyone is talking about with 1-800-Contacts. The company's main mission to provide a simple and easy way for their customers to seek the prescription contact lenses they need. They make it easy so you can order by phone, internet, mail, or fax. Customer services representatives are waiting 7 days a week to help find the right contacts for you.

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