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At Activia, they believe “feeling good starts from the inside,” which is why they have made a yogurt that tastes as good on your tongue as it is for your body. Activia is a Dannon product, which is a national, American brand. Activia is a snack, it’s breakfast, it’s the healthy treat after dinner, but most importantly it’s nutritious. Activia is so focused on your health that they work with health care providers at medical conference to educate them on the benefits of probiotics for your digestive system. Many products list nutrients, but Activia actively tells you how making Activia part of your diet helps you to grow. Activia contains Bifidus Regularis that helps increase the transit time foods take through your intestines and colon. The average time it takes food to process through the digestive track is less than 72 hours. After 120 hours, you have reached constipation. Activia understands your digestive tract and wants to make sure you are regular and healthy. Stay healthy and happy with these savings and coupons on Activia smoothies and yogurt.

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