Aldi grocery store coupons and sales

Aldi provides healthy, quality food at a lower cost every time. Whether you are starting out, feeding a family, or hosting a get-together, Aldi has the ingredients for a complete, well-rounded meal at the right price. Aldi offers the essentials for you morning cup of coffee, the fine chocolates to take to your in-laws, and the fresh vegetables to pair with your steak. Aldi makes it easy to save by providing all of the perks of a grocery shopping trip for when you need it. This lets you customize your shopping experience to make it most efficient for your needs and budget. There are so many ways to save and we will show you how. Check out the coupons below!

Aldi Coupons

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Aldi Weekly Ad Deals

Aldi Matchups & Best Deals for 6/21 – 6/27

Here are this week’s Aldi Weekly Ad Deals of the Week!  These deals are valid the week of 6/21 – 6/27. Lots of seasonal deals this week.

Produce Deals


California Peaches or Nectarines-$0.99/lb



Red Grapes-$0.79/lb

Seasonal Deals

6″ Tropical Plant-$3.99

Adventuridge 4 Person Dome Tent-$29.99

Adventuridge 42-Can Rolling Cooler with Removable Hard Liner-$24.99

Adventuridge Extendable S’Mores Maker-$2.49

Adventuridge Fly Swater-$2.49

Adventuridge Fork-$2.49

Adventuridge Hiking Backpack-$29.99

Adventuridge Mini Pop Up Lantern-$4.99

Adventuridge Portable Hammock with Stand-$39.99

Adventuridge Soft Sided Basket Cooler-$8.99

Adventuridge Twin Airbed with Pump-$14.99

Ambiano Portable Countertop Ice Maker-$79.99

Bauhn Solar Charger-$14.99

Outdoor Seasonal Deals

Gardenline Bamboo Torches-$2.69

Gardenline Insect Zapper-$3.99

Crane 4 Person Badminton Set-$7.99

Crane Extra Large Beach Bag-$6.99

Crane Lawn Darts-$7.99

Crane Low Profile Chair-$12.99

Gardenline Torch Fuel-$3.99

Huntington Home Citronella Candle-$2.99

Seasonal American Flag-$6.99

Household Deals

Huntington Home Candles-$3.99

Huntington Home Patriotic Bunting or Banner-$4.49

Huntington Home Summer Coir Mat-$6.99

Crofton 11″ Watermelon Knife-$3.99

Crofton 2 Gallon Beverage Container-$12.99

Crofton 20 Piece Food Storage Container Set-$8.99

Crofton 3-pac Refrigerator Liners-$3.99

Crofton Acrylic Beverage Tub-$5.99

Crofton Beverage Dispenser Assortment-$4.99

Crofton Kitchen Accessories-$4.99

Crofton Pantry Basket-$2.99

Crofton Servingware Assortment-$2.99

Easy Home 16″ Fan-$16.99

Easy Home Fold in Half Bench-$24.99

Easy Home Folding Table with Wheels-$34.99

Easy Home Dustpan and Brush-$2.99

Easy Home Over the Cabinet Basket-$5.99

Easy Home Refrigerator Organizers-$5.99

Easy Home Small Stacking Basket-$4.99

Easy Home Soap Dispensing Brush, Dishwand, or Refills-$2.69

Easy Home Tower Fan-$19.99

Easy Home Under Shelf Wire Basket-$3.99

Easy Home Wire Cabinet Organizers-$4.99

Lightway 160 Lumen Flashlight-$6.99

Grocery Deals

Little Salad Bar Black Bean, White Ben, and Edamame Hummus Trio-$3.79

Appetitos Franks in a Blanket-$2.99

Appleton Farms Shredded Pork or Chicken-$3.29

Arizona Iced Tea-$2.49

Belmont Gelato-$3.99

Bomb Pops-$2.89

Eddy Fresh Seasonal Chicken Breasts-$4.99

Fresh Sweet and Smokey Cedar Plank Atlantic Salmon-$9.99/lb

Fresh Family Pack Thinly Sliced Boneless Pork Chops-$2.99/lb

Fresh USDA Top Sirloin Steak-$4.99/lb

Fresh Whole Pork Butt Roast-$1.89/lb

Little Salad  Bar Cowboy Caviar, Italian Chickpea, or Quinoa Salad-$2.49

Parkview Party Bratwurst-$4.69

Parkview Premium Bratwurst-$2.99

Special Meat Buys


Special Meat Buys

Fresh 73% Lean Ground Beef-$1.79/lb

Fresh Family Pack Chicken Breasts-$1.69/lb

Kids Deals

Sidewalk Chalk Activity Tub-$7.99

Starplast Slide-$16.99

Starplast Trio Rocker-$9.99

Super Duper Ball-$3.99

Water Balloons-$4.99



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Checkout the latest weekly ad from Aldi before your next shopping trip. Get these weekly specials, rewards, and daily deals before they run out!

Hottest Coupons to Use at Aldi This Week

Combine Aldi's weekly ad with these popular manufacturer coupons to save even more money at checkout!


Great savings!

I am a new to Aldi shopper and I can’t stop talking about how great I think this store is. Check out all my favorite tips on ways to save at Aldi and let us know what deals you get!

Super Saving Tips for Aldi

I can admit it now but Aldi used to scare me. I don’t know why- it could have been that I was intimidated by not understanding all the nuances of shopping there or that I was worried about not having the right form of payment. However, now that I am in the know, I am a huge fan and wanted to share all my tips with you to make your shopping trip easier and full of savings.

  • Private Labels: Aldi is a private label store. Since they don’t pay for advertising, decorative labeling or competing shelf space, they can charge less. A lot less. When I first started shopping at Aldi, I was like an investigative reporter checking every label, comparing it what I knew about other brands, trying to figure out who might make it. Now that I have settled in, I know what items I buy and check out some new ones each time I shop. I have some favorite and many of the items I love are part of the new Aldi Organic Line which should be coming to stores near you, if it hasn’t already.
  • Weekly Ad Sales and Coupons: You can find all the best weekly deals on our store page and they sometimes even have coupons in some areas, located in the paper ad. Make sure to check your ad for any of these coupons to save even more!
  • Wednesday Special Meat Buys:  Every Wednesday, look for the “Special Meat Buys”-Meat deals on sale on Wednesday only, on select items, while supplies last.
  • Quarters Save Carts: I had not idea but by having you put a quarter in your cart to “rent” it while you shop saves Aldi a lot of money. Meaning that as the customer, you then save more money too. I do always have a moment of panic if I decide to shop at Aldi on a whim and have to dig around in my purse for a rogue quarter so I don’t have to try and fit everything in a basket. No fear, they do offer baskets and occasionally you may find a quarter stuck in a cart that a good Samaritan (or possibly a totally distracted mom with kids screaming at her) left behind and then you can pay it forward by doing the same thing!
  • Sales and Clearance: Every Aldi store I have been in has a sales section and a clearance section. It offers items from seasonal toys to food items that may not have sold well. Prices are marked on each individual item and if it’s a great deal, buy the whole stock! The size of this section really varies and includes everything from pots and pans to Monster’s University cupcake kits. Keep an eye out and once you locate it at your store, keep checking back. They may also have some sale or clearance items in the refrigerated section. Usually the last call items have red print on the yellow sign, as opposed to black print which is the norm. You will start to notice them once you know what they look like. 
  • Bread Discounts-Aldi will discount bread items five days before they expire!
  • BYOB: Bring your own bags or you will have to pay for some to carry your groceries out. It is only $0.06 per bag for the least expensive kind but that can add up if you buy several each time you shop. Beware, you do also have to bag your own groceries. This is very European and a little hard work never hurt anyone, right? Especially if it means lower prices! I am willing to put in a little elbow grease and do my own bagging if it means a great deal. 
  • Don’t like something, you can get your money back!
    If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any product, we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money. To receive the Double Guarantee, the product packaging and any unused product must be returned to your local ALDI Store Manager.*-View the policy on refunds and Double Guarantee!
  • Weekly Specials-Seasonal offers on products or specialty items are only available for a limited time, and are on a first come, first serve basis.  Stores do not restock on these items when they are gone.  Some deals only happen once per year.
Aldi Customer Service

Attention: Customer Service
1200 N. Kirk Rd.
Batavia, IL 60510

Aldi Corporate Headquarters

  • Location: Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany
  • Executives: Theo Albrecht (Aldi Nord), Karl Albrecht (Aldi Sud
  • Corporate Stores: 1400
  • Sales: $58 billion USD (2008) according to Deloitte
  • Company Website


Products: Bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, personal, care, produce, seafood, snacks, liquor



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Average rating:
lkpe3 years ago
I love Aldi I make homemade pizza and their quality baking flour is 2.00 less a bag than Walmart their produce is so great and lower in price. we love there coffee as good as Folgers and 1/2 the price.
myhat3 years ago
LUV Aldi so much! They have the best prices on milk, butter, eggs, and cheese. The prices on waffles and other frozen breakfast items are at least $1 less than local sales offered by the large chains. You can also find a few gourmet items that are fun. Meats and veggies are competatively priced but often cheaper. Having to bag my own items (uh, I have to do this at the big G and the big S, too) is not a problem. And yes, the lines are long (but move quickly) because the deals are amazing. If you haven't given Aldi a try, do yourself and your pocketbook a favor.
Alice Blankenfeld3 years ago
Best place to purchase Milk, over $1 savings just on milk. Also good prices on meat, canned goods, and other Items.
moreilly2223 years ago
I love going to Aldi's, they have the best prices of any of the other local stores. I just tried their own brand of velvetta for mac and cheese and saved over $3.00. It is absolutely just as good as the expensive brand. I always buy their canned goods and fresh veggies and have never been disappointed. Also just tried their fresh sausage. Delicious!
Beth3 years ago
Don't be afraid of their store brands. Their products are just as good as name brands.
SusanKazee3 years ago
Aldi has good prices on the produce which is usually fresh and good, but the rest of the store is possibly overpriced compared to the sales in the area. The checkout process is always slow since you have to pack your own groceries, take your own bags, and pay to get a cart - the hassle of it all for a working woman is hardly worth it just to get a few cents off your produce. I've bought some things there that have clearly been old when I got home and used the, like eggs. Don't go there much anymore.
kmoffre3 years ago
Aldi offers great prices on produce compared to almost all area markets. The other grocery items for the most part are their own brands, very few main product brands, however many of them are as good or almost as good as the name brands. The prices are usually much less and they are good quality .